MSZuneFan converts to iPod – RIP Zune!

Steven Smith used to be the man that went only by one name on the internet, mszunefan, the personification of Microsofts attempt to challenge the Apple iPod, but not any more as he takes the leap and buys his first iPod.

Steven Smith has been promoting the Microsoft Zune mp3 player in every way possible, including getting tattoes and considering changing his name to Microsoft Zune, but news is now out that he has lost his belief in the future of what used to be his favourite gadget. According to his own website he grew tired of the lack of development of the Zune, and went to the big step of buying his first iPod.

Now one can only wonder how many others will follow in his footsteps, and will he be as fanatic about the iPod as he was about the Zune. Only time will tell.

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