Mozilla bringing App for the iPhone

According to online sources Mozilla CEO John Lilly has talked about Mozilla launching an iPhone app in the iTunes App Store within the next couple of weeks, pending Apple approval of course. It is still yet not known if we are talking about a mobile browser or any other tool from Mozilla.

Mozilla FennecApple has generally been very cautious about allowing any other mobile browser onto the iPhone and the iPod Touch, with the exception of some lesser known browsers following some arm-twisting last year, none of which has posed any threat to Apple’s own Safari browser. Should it be that Apple will allow Mozilla to lunch a version of Firefox for the iPhone 3GS and 3G that would be a major step towards opening up the iTunes App Store for more competing apps.

Rumor has it that whatever the Mozilla iPhone App may be it is likely to include some form of AwesomeBar and Weave technology (lets you access cloudstored bookmarks etc.). It could well be that the app will be some sort of 3rd party bookmark syncing service, or that Apple has allowed Mozilla to create a 3rd party plug-in engine for their own Safari browser.

We should be getting the answer in a few weeks time, but in the meantime we can always hope that we might see Mozilla delivering flash enabled mobile browsing to the iPhone and iPod Touch, just like they have done to the Nokia N900. It might not be very likely, but we can always hope!


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  1. there would be a great demand for mobile browsers in the coming years that is for sure.*~*

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