Some lesser known iPhone OS 3.0 functional upgrades

Most of us now know about the main features of the new iPhone OS 3.0 such as copy and paste, voice memo, multimedia messaging, and the new search functionality, but there are other lesser known benefits as well. We have searched around and here are some of the lesser known hidden gems of the iPhone OS 3.0.

Adjustable fast forwarding of songs

Before you were only able to move around a song by dragging the dot back and forward to the point in the song that you wished to go to, but with the new OS you can adjust the speed of your fast forwarding. All you have to do is put your finger on the dot on the song line until it lights up. Then you can drag your finger left or right to fast forwarding through the song at high speed. Byt dragging your finger downwards you can do it at half speed, quarter speed, or accurate adjustment.

Special signs and symbols when writing

The new 3.0 keyboard allows you to hold down on certain symbols to bring up additional symbols, such as holding down the “.” button brings up “…”

Partly quote emails

The copy and paste functionality in the new iPhone OS 3.0 also allows you to partly quote an email when replying. All you have to do is mark part of the text in the email before replying, and the highlighted text will be displayed in quotes at the bottom of the email.

Delete individual messages

Before you were only able to delete whole SMS conversations at a time, while now in the new OS 3.0 you can use an edit button that lets you easily delete individual messages, just like in the email application. The same button can also be used to choose an individual message to forward.

Open new safari window

While in Safari you can now hold down on a link to get the option to open the link in the same window, copy the link, or open it in a new window.

Shake to delete last written

To regreat and remove the last written when in the email app, messages, safari, or notes, all you have to do now is shake the phone and a little box pop’s up asking you if you regret the last you wrote.

Choose which App Store account to use

Whilst before you had to choose which App Store account to use in iTunes on your computer. With iPhone OS 3.0 you can make that choice directly on the phone, through the settings, or in the App Store or iTunes App. You will be able to see which account you are using at the bottom of the two applications.

unlimited download of applications

There are no longer any limitations on the number of applications you can download on your iPhone (except for the physical memory on the phone). Number of pages off applications to scroll through has increased from 9 to 11, making the number of visible applications 176. But should you have more apps they can be accessed through the new search functionality, although they are not visible when scrolling through the app pages.


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