More hints at new iPod Touch found in firmware 2.1

Here is another hint at a new iPod Touch coming soon that joins the line of shortage of iPod Touch being produced and rumours about coming iPod Touch price cuts. The new hint lies buried in the code of the new firmware 2.1 for the iPhone.

The original iPod Touch is known to use the string ‘iPod1.1’ while according to iPhone Atlas there are several references to ‘iPod2.1‘ in the source of the new iPhone OS 2.1.

There could be a lot of explanations for this reference, but for now it remains a rumour that hopefully will come true. We are still hoping that Apple will read our wishlist for the new iPod Touch, and bring us what we all are waiting for.

Update! No more rumors as the new 2nd generation iPod Touch has been officially launched.

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