More AirPlay speakers seeing delay in launch

Both Audyssey and AQ Audio are today reporting delays to the launch of their respective AirPlay speakers, with logistical/production issues being blamed for the delay, pushing launch dates into early 2012.

Audyssey Lower East Side Audio Dock AIr

Audyssey was believed to launch their Lower East Side Audio Dock Air in time for people to buy it for Christmas in the US, but according to a 9to5mac post, production issues have pushed the launch back by at least a few weeks. There is no word on exactly what the production issues are, whether it is down to a lack of AirPlay modules, or other production issues.

UK based AQ Audio have also issued an email to people who registered interest in their AQ Smart AirPlay speaker, advising that the launch of the speaker have been pushed back by a few weeks due to “logistical reasons beyond our control”.

These delays follows in the wake of both B&W and Libratone reporting issues with the Airplay streaming from iPhone 4S to their respective AirPlay speakers, an issue they believe lies with the Apple device itself, and that the issues had been reported in to Apple for investigation.

On a more positive AirPlay note, the WSJ is reporting that Apple is working on delivering an enhanced AirPlay service that amongst other will allow users to start the stream of for example a movie on one device, to then continue the stream where they left off on a different device if they so choose. It is believed that the enhanced AirPlay service will form parts of a new Apple Tv. We have also earlier reported that Apple is looking to bring bluetooth 4.0 support to AirPlay, opening up for more potential accessories to use the Apple specific streaming service.


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