Mobo Stylus for iPhone and iPad – touchscreen control without fingerprints

Mobo Stylus touchpoint pens for use with iOS devices

A few weeks back i was sent a couple of samples of Mobo Stylys touch pens for use on touchscreens by Fancygearbox, and although i have to admit i have never felt the need to get such an accessory for my iOS devices, I have found myself using it on a regular basis while working.

Mobo Stylus touchpoint pens for use with iOS devices

The one that have seen the most use is the Mobo Stylus 2-in-1 touch ball point pen, as it allows me to take notes on paper, and yes, I do still take notes and scribbles on a physical notepad, while also allowing me to easily navigate around on my iPhone screen at the same time. Just a quick reminder though; remember to turn the pen around before using on the touchscreen of your iOS device! Used as a normal pen it is smooth to write with, has a comfortable grip, and the ink is replaceable.

With the touch ball on the Mobo Stylus you can do most actions that does not require use of more than one finger, and if you are amongst those that enjoy the more artistic apps for hand drawing and writing, then the pen can provide you with a new level of accuracy that you might not get from using only your fingers.

If you are not that bothered about the ability to use it as a normal pen, you can also get the mini version in the Mobo Stylus Mini. It comes with the ability to attach it to your iOS device through the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the same touch point functionality as the bigger version. I have to admit that i’m amongst those that does not like to have anything attached to my iOS devices, even protective cases, so I have had less use of the Stylus Mini. Still, it is a great little accessory for those that are looking for a small and handy touchscreen ball pen to use with the large variety of apps and functions on the device that can take advantage of the improved accuracy.

Overall Mobo has come up with some quality products that both function well and look great. But they might want to improve the quality of the print on the pens, as I found the markings, including their brand name, quickly wore off as i used the pen. Not an issue for a user, but i’m sure the company would like their brand name to be visible for others to see.

The Mobo Stylus touchscreen pens are available from Fancygearbox.


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