The Mobile App Market Revolution: Future size and the app entrepreneurs

With the iTunes App Store leading the way the number of mobile apps being downloaded worldwide is surging according to a study commissioned by GetJar, the worlds second largest mobile app store focusing on apps for Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

The study predicts the Mobile App market in 2012 will be worth $17.5 billion with an expected 50 billion downloads as internet usage on mobile devices surges ahead, making some people predict that mobile internet usage will surpas desktop computers.

Apple iPhone app market explodes

At the moment the Apple iPhone and its users are leading this mobile apps revolution, with over 150,000 apps in the store and over 3 billion downloads since it was firts launched. Apple and the iTunes App Store was not the first to start offering mobile apps, but they definitely changed that market and industry forever, creating a new generation of entrepreneurs; the app entrepreneurs.

According to AdMob the mobile app market is already worth about $2.5 billion a year, with downloads of apps to mobile phones growing in popularity every day. These little apps that usually cost in the range of $2 on average has opened up a brand new market for savvy developers that are shifting their programming skills over to the new platforms in hope to make their millions in the new industry.

At the iTunes App Store you can pretty much find an app for everything between heaven and earth, and even a few things that you would never think anybody had ever thought about, with thousands of new apps waiting to get approved and get their share of the App Revolution.

However, the explosive growth in the mobile app market, and of App Entrepreneurs, is starting to create a cluttered market where the choices are many and standing out and getting your share of downloads are becoming increasingly difficult. Like in any other market it is the ones that find the right strategy and formula for success that will stand out. We have covered the big issue of iPhone app usage trends and stickyness before.

The Apple iPad could be the next big thing in terms of driving the mobile app revolution into the stratosphere, or perhaps we eventually will see a similar fait as the dotcom boom in the late nineties, as the market will need to correct itself.

Until then we might as well download the developers kit and join the revolution ourselves.


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