What is missing in iOS 5: the features that did not make the cut

With two days passing since Apple announced the 200+ new features in iOS 5, where the highlights were notifications, iMessage, and new camera functionality, we have had a chance to digest what was included and what features did not make the cut for round 1.

Apple iOS 5

Nuance voice recognition

One of the more discussed items on the blogosphere ahead of WWDC was improved voice recognition for iOS 5 across all apps. This was not touched upon at all in the keynote presentation so either Apple did not want to highlight the feature as it is currently being developed and might not make it into current iOS 5 developer release, or they are keeping it under wraps for later ‘bells n’whistles’ announcements.

Universal AirPrint

Although AirPrint is not a new feature as it already exists in the current iOS 4, it was expected that Apple would make it a bit more universal as at the moment there is only a handful of HP printers that support it. At least they could have given us network printing.

Facebook integration

I know that Facebook integration would be a stretch given the strained relationship between Apple and Facebook, but let’s face it, Facebook is a big part of Apple consumers daily lives whether Apple (or we) like it or not. With Apple announcing deeper Twitter integration as a feature in iOS 5 i’m sure there are more than just me that wished Facebook had received the same treatment.

Customized homescreen

This might be a personal preference, but i would have loved for Apple to at least make a widgetized homescreen an option for users, giving those of us that are bored of just having the app buttons on the homescreen an option other than jailbreaking to achieve what we are after.

What else is missing?

We would love to hear from any of you that have had a play around with iOS 5 already or that feels there was missing key features from what Apple presented on Monday, so please leave a comment below.


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