What the iPhone OS 3.0 did not deliver and we will continue to miss

Last nights presentation of the new and improved features of the iPhone OS 3.0 gave us quite a bit of the functionality that we have been asking for since the iPhone first came to market, such as support for MMS, cut and paste, as well as improved networking features. But there are still some much wanted features missing.

Following the announcement yesterday we have had a look back at the many rumors leading up to the event and compared to what was actually delivered and not by Apple in the latest OS release. Here are some of the main misses from the new iPhone OS 3.0.

Video recording and messaging

Allthough the new OS provides functionality for MMS, the much wanted video recording functionality was left out of the new OS. It is still a mystery for most Apple fans why the iPhone does not feature a better camera or at least more functionality for the camera that is there, such as video recording, auto focus etc. This is in my view a major miss from Apple that they will have to fix in the next generation iPhone hardware release.

Background processing

This was one of the most heavily rumored features of the new iPhone OS 3.0 that never came through. According to Apple this feature will heavily impact on the standby battery time to the point were you would have to charge your iPhone several times a day. The problem here is clearly not a firmware issue, but rather a hardware issue, that hopefully will be resolved in the next generatino iPhone. Looks like multitasking will have to wait for the iPhone.

Flash support

This is another one of those features that have been discussed in length by hundreds of columninst and bloggers, but that Apple has declined to comment directly on. This was no different as Apple said they no announcement about flash for the iPhone yet. We have earlier covered a status update as to why Apple is reluctant to bring flash to the iPhone.


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