Milking the cow – the Apple way

Although Apple for most people are mostly known as the company that produces all these great products with the cool designs and advertising, the iPhone, iPod, and Macbook computers that all the “cool kids” have, for those of us interested in business and marketing there are a few chapters to learn from the people at Apple.

As we are closing in on the next product launches from Apple, with the expected September iPod event just around the corner, where it is likely that we will see the release of the 3rd generation iPod Touch, potentially a 5th generation iPod Nano with camera, and of course the much anticipated Apple Tablet, also known as the iPAD. These are not just the next cool gadget to have, but also proof of Apple’s extremely effective product portfolio and lifecycle management.

3rd generation iPod Touch expected to have camera

Take this for example. The 2nd generation iPod Touch has been a massive success for Apple leading up to the launch of the iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago, and still is. But in the market that they are operating in, innovation and competition is stiff, and to keep in front of the competition, upgrades and new releases comes at least once a year. That is part of the reason why we are now seeing Apple running their normal late summer/pre school and university start promotions where you get a free iPod Touch when purchasing a Macbook.

This promotion is not just used to increase the sales of the Macbooks, but it is also an exercise in stock clearance of the iPod Touch before the 3rd generation iPod Touch, which is likely to feature a camera, is released in time for the build up towards the Christmas period. The timing and management of the product lifecycle of their products are schoolbook examples that all business and marketing students should study and learn from.

Of course to make this work to its fullest, the upgrades to existing products have to be of such a degree that it becomes enticing for owners of the current version to upgrade, such as bringing camera to the iPod Touch. With Apple having built up million of loyal followers over the years, most always wanting to have the latest version of whatever Apple product is in the marketplace.

Supporting the profitable hardware is iTunes and in the last year or so the iTunes App Store, which is used to increase the need to have the latest Apple hardware to get the full effect of the thousands upon thousands of applications available and utilize the full potential of the opportunities of the Apple products. The portfolio of core products and ancillaries are put together to maximize the profit for Apple and their shareholders, which again is used to keep innovating to keep themselves in the forefront of what the consumer wants – and we want more of what Apple has to offer.

Apple has definitely found a formula for success through design, quality, innovation, and not to mention brilliant product and marketing management that we can all learn from. Personally i can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with next that will change our lives, or at least what we aspire our lifes to be like.


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  1. retry4 says:

    Well said, couldn’t have put it better! :-)


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