New milestone for iTunes App Store – but frustration lurks

Apple and the iTunes App Store has reached another milestone apparently as according to Mobclix they have now surpassed Windows Mobile in number of applications available to download and use with over 27,000 applications now available at the iTunes App Store.

This is quite the feat considering that the app store has only been open for about a year whilst Windows Mobile has been around for years already, but are currently sitting at about 20,000 applications, providing another notch in the belt for Steve Jobs against Microsoft and Bill Gates.

According to the same company it is games that are leading the way for the iPhone and iPod Touch as there is over 6,200 games available at the iTunes App Store. Unfortunately not all of the great applications are available for everyone, as recently i have had my share of frustration in the fact that a lot of the applications i have been wanting to test and download are available for the US market only, whilst i operate out of the UK, such as the Kindle app for iPhone. Hopefully this will be a short term obstacle that can be resolved as it can be quite frustrating to be limited by your location when it comes to having access to all the great applications out there.

There might be other frustrations lurking in the waters as well for Apple and their app store, as big competitors such as Google Android Market, RIM, and Nokia are all working on their own smartphones and their own application markets, with some experts predicting that Android sales will outstrip the iPhone’s by 2012.

As for application developers for the iPhone and iPod Touch, they got their own challenges to deal with as the iPhone apps business model continues to evolve.


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