iPod Nano users want more memory and lower prices from iPod Nano 5G

In our recent poll amongst our readers we asked which feature they would most like to see from the 5th generation iPod Nano that is expected to be announced tomorrow, 9th September, at the annual iPod event, and the result is in favour of increased memory and lower price.

38 percent of the respondents said they would prefer improved memory from the 5th generation iPod Nano to have more space for their music and be able to bring a larger part of their music library with them on the go. It is quite interesting as there has been very little talk about increased storage when it comes to the iPod Nano 5G, as the focus has instead been on whether or not the device will include a camera.

As for the iPod Nano 5G featuring a camera, only 4 percent of the respondents said they prefered the device to have a digital camera compared to increased memory or a lower price. Of course it does not mean that they would not also like to see a camera on the iPod Nano 5G, but that they would rather have more storage space. As for storage space, it could be influenced by the fact that we have in recent years usually seen Apple double the memory on their flash based iPod’s, and it is expected that the iPod Touch 3G will receive an upgrade to 64gb as well.

31 percent of respondents also said they preferred the iPod Nano 5G to have a lower price point rather than increased memory or camera. If there is no significant upgrade in terms of the iPod Nano 5G other than a larger screen, we will likely see the price point come down slightly, and for those that are very price concious there is also the option of buying the iPod Nano 4G which will surely see a price drop if the new iPod Nano 5G will have significant improvements.

We will be back with more news on the expected iPod Nano 5G and its features following the annual iPod event.


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