House of Marley reveals new Liberate headphones, including Bluetooth model at CES 2014

House of Marley are once again back at CES and this time Rohan and the team have brought with them some new Liberate headphones, including their first Bluetooth headphones in the Liberate XL.

House of Marley new headphones and speakers CES 2014

As we have come to expect from House of Marley, the new range continues in the line of using earth friendly and recycled materials, including metal, FSC certified wood, and hemp. The new range of Liberate over-ear headphones come across as both different and stylish.

“This year, we continue a journey that looks beyond a sea of black, red and white plastic and tells a story via our products that delivers on music’s larger promise of a better day, a bigger love and a more authentic life.”

As a first from House of Marley, the Liberate XL (RRP $219 with a June release) is a Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphone that comes support for higher quality streaming, including AAC and AptX encoding. They have included 50mm dynamic moving coil drivers, which should ensure good sound performance. Design wise they are over-ear model (closed back), with headband in REWIND material and leather, soft leather ear pads, and FSC certified wood on the ear cups. Not to mention a stainless steel finish.

There is also a wired option of the Liberate XL that is expected out in May with an RRP of $169.99 to go along with the already available Liberate on-ear model.

The House of Marley Legend ANC with active noise cancelling ($299.99 with a fall release) is the new flagship over-ear model. Featuring 50mm high-definition drivers and a one-connection for both audio and power. Again, the headphones are made using earth friendly materials, including recycled aluminum and FSC-certified sapele wood.

Other new products in the pipeline from House of Marley includes:

Liberate Bluetooth audio system (RRP $169.99 May release) with a clean industrial design, natural bamboo back panel, 4 x 1-inch drivers, built-in rechargeable battery, and REWIND fabric covering.

One Foundation Premium Home speaker with Bluetooth and AptX (RRP $999.99 April release) streaming options from compatible devices. This is their new solution for a all-in-one home audio system, featuring slim design with solid oak front, dual 1-inch Danish designed silk dome tweeters, twin 5.25-inch, wood-fiber impregnated/pressed-fiber cones housed in a custom-tuned bass-reflex enclosure, USB port for device charging, and a combination of Toslink SPDIF / RCA / 3.5 AUX as well as optional output for subwoofer (perhaps a sign of more to come).

Rounding off the Bluetooth focused speaker line up is the new Get Together system (RRP $219.99 shipping now) featuring a natural bamboo front and back finish, built rechargeable battery, and dual 3.5-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters.

It looks like a strong new line up from House of Marley, and I hope to be back with hands-on experience of these new additions in due time.

[Source: BusinessWire]

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