MacWorld news and rumours – iTunes DRM free

As i was not able to attend the last MacWorld myself i have found myself scanning the online news sources for the latest news and rumours around the event over the last couple of days. These are some of the news and rumours that might be of interest to all you iPod and iPhone fans out there.

iTunes going DRM free

Apple used the MacWorld event to announce that effective immediately iTunes is to be DRM free on 8 million of its song library, with the rest to be DRM free by the end of the quarter. DRM or Digital Rights Management as it stands for is effectively copy protection of music files, resulting on the file not being available to use on other computers or MP3 players. Surely this is a reply from Apple to Amazon’s new MP3 download service that has been offering DRM free MP3 downloads since its launch. Apple is also changing the flat price structure to a three level tier system, with songs starting from $0.69 making their prices more competitive with the Likes of Amazon. Read full article at ZDNet

MacWorld to announce 64gb iPod Touch – rumour

We have predicted the launch of 64gb iPod Touch before as we thought Apple would release the upgraded iPod Touch prior to the busy Christmas shopping, but now the rumour is surfacing again as MacWorld takes over San Francisco.

As the rumours of the 64gb iPod Touch returns they are also followed by more iPod Touch rumours, including a lower price point, and an upgrade that will give the iPod Touch GPS capabilities similar to the iPhone. Allthough these are all rumours at this point, we look forward to see what secrets Apple has up their sleeve for the last ever MacWorld.

Talking about upgrades to models…

MacWorld rumour of 32gb iPhone and other iPhone rumours

Two years after Steve Jobs pulled the first ever iPhone out of his pocket at the MacWorld, Apple has gone on to change the mobile phone industry with the originial iPhone and the new 3G iPhone, that is one of the topselling smartphones in the world now, the rumour arrives at MacWorld about upgrades to the iPhone.

Allthough Apple did not reveal any news on the iPhone during the keynote speak, something might still come, with the hottest rumours being an upgrade in memory to 32gb iPhone. The other hot rumours involve the so called iPhone Nano, and possibly an even faster iPhone towards the end of the year.


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    Thank you for this post, I’ve learned a lot more now about mp3′s. My personal favorite is a open directory I found somwere on google. It has storaged thousands of mp3′s. I have added the link in that website url option. I hope to see a lot more posts from you!

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