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From 24 carat gold ipod’s to diamond studded ipod’s, python skin ipod cases, and stereo systems that will set you back a few wages, we have looked at some luxury ipods and luxury ipod accessories for those amongst us with money to burn.

Starting off with the 24 carat gold ipod, nano or video version, which is the perfect gift for the ones amongst us born with a silver spoon, or perhaps the occasional lottery winner or WAG. Made using real 24 carat gold in a hardened mirror surface, these comes with a shiny price tag as well at about £500 for an ipod touch 16gb. You see a full price list from Amosu for gold ipods.

Case-mate probably has the most luxurious ipod accessory I have been able to find so far, a gold and diamond ipod case for about £10,000! This ipod case is handmade with 42 diamonds in 3.5 carat set in 18k gold embedded in a rare gold carbon fiber leather case. Perhaps this is something to consider as a Valentines gift for the WAG in your life?!

If your budget has already been spend on a new shiny car or perhaps a city penthouse aparment, then you might want to go with a Python leather ipod case from Caserta Italia at £75. Cool hues encase your digital music player in luxury with this exotic Python case lined with black leather.

For the more mortal amongst us that are looking for some high end quality speaker system for our ipod, the Podspeaker range from Scandyna comes with a heavy price as well, but without the gold and the diamonds, but with a high quality sound. A complete set of speakers and amplifier will set you back close to £1,000 though so you better hope for a pay rise or a nice bonus.

We appreciate it if you know of any other great accessories that you wish to share with the rest of us. If you do, please post a comment to this article.


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