Logitech S715i portable speaker review

Logitech S715 speaker dock

Although the Logitech s715i portable iPod and iPhone speaker dock has barely found its way into the market yet it is receiving some outstanding reviews from credible sources such as cnet.com – giving it the editors choice for August 2o10.

So what is it that makes the Logitech s715i so popular with the reviewers? From the looks i would have to say that it is not its outstanding design, but rather the value for money it delivers in terms of sound compared to price.

Logitech S715 speaker dockCompared to many other iPod speaker docks in its price class the Logitech delivers a very impressive sound through its eight – 8 – drivers at a starting price of about $140 / £140.

The Logitech S715i measures 15.5 (wide) x 5.25 (tall) x 2 inches (thick) making it a portable unit, although on the slightly larger scale of the portable docking station market. With its peanut shape i have to admit that i would probably not consider it for use in my living room, but as a portable iPhone speaker and rechargeable unit it is definitely worth a second look.

Hidden inside the “peanut” you will find two passive 2 inch radiator woofers, helping provide the S715i with its deep and full sound. Behind the mesh metal grille at the front you find the other 6 speaker drivers, of which a pair of 3 inch speakers and half-inch tweeters are the only powered drivers of the unit. The pair of two inch drivers located at the front and the passive woofers at the back are all passive radiators that generate sound from the displaced air that is provided from the powered drivers. Together they create a well balanced and powerful sound for a portable iPhone docking station.

Logitech S715i is made with simplicity in mind as it is stripped of many other features such as FM radio, alarm clock, or EQ, and neither are really missed. Delivering the power to the good sound is done by a rechargeable battery delivering about 8 hours of playtime at moderate volumes.

For the price class there are very few portable iPod and iPhone docking stations that match up. The closest one is probably the Altec Lansing inMotion Max.

Price information

The Logitech S715i is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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  1. Dee says:

    These speakers are not compatible with the iphone 4

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Dee, I did not have any problems with the iPhone compatibility on the S715i, and according to the Logitech website as well there should not be any issues as the s715i carries the ‘made for iPhone’ label from Apple. What issues did you experience?

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