Logitech UE Air Speaker with AirPlay – WhatHifi 2012 Award winner

Logitech Air Speaker with AirPlay

Logitech has delivered a variety of iPod speaker docks over the years, but they seem to have hit the nail with their first Airplay speaker dock, the WhatHiFi 2012 Award winning Logitech UE Air Speaker.

Logitech Air Speaker with AirPlay

Logitech has over the years delivered some popular iPod speaker docks to the market, as well as many other Apple and iOS compatible accessories. While it has taken them some time to embrace AirPlay technology, just like for so many of their competitors, they seem to have made a great effort with their first stab at the AirPlay market.

It is not amongst the most iconic looking AirPlay speakers in the market with its black mesh front and the centrally placed sliding dock station. While AirPlay is the main feature, having a docking station that supports most iPod and iOS devices (30 pin connector so not the latest models Lightning Connectors without an adaptor) is a great bonus for those times when you can really do with a charge at the same time.

The two drivers feature in the speaker dock is situated towards each side of speaker, allowing for unobstructed flow regardless of whether or not you have an iPad placed in the docking station. To date i have only listened to this system in a retail setting, but hope to be back with a hands-on review in the near future.

Logitech Air Speaker price & availability

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