New generation Logic3 speaker docks for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Logic3 is one of the most established and well recognized producers of portable audio devices, including iPod speaker docks, and recently they announced 6 new speaker docks that are compatible with iPod, iPhone, as well as the iPad.

The new Logic3 docks vary in size and functionality, but we have had a look at all of them below, and sure you can find the right one for you.

i-Station Podium for Apple iPad

i-Station Podium iPad speaker dockThe i-Station Podium is a small stand for the Apple iPad that also features a speaker dock at the base, making it a small but very functional iPad speaker dock.

With the i-Station Podium the really smart solution is the clever rotatable mount which allows you to use the iPad either in landscape or portrait mode with the adjustable footrest. At the base is the 2.0 speaker system that will deliver stereo sound from this little rechargeable solution.

The Podium also comes with an app that provides additional features, such as clock, calendar, internet radio, alarm function, EQ function controller, photo album ++

The Logic3 i-Station Podium for iPad is available from amongst other Amazon UK at £65.

i-Station Base for iPad

Logic3 i-Station Base iPad speakerThe second of the i-Station iPad speaker docks, the Base, is even smaller and  more compact. This could be the perfect little office or desk companion for your iPad.

Unlike the Podium this one requires normal power connection, but the the clever cable management ensures that you can still enjoy your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode, and it comes with the same free apps as the Podium.

The Logic3 i-Station Base for iPad retails at about £60.

i-Station Combo for iPod and iPhone

The i-Station Combo is like its name, a combination of all kinds of media, including a CD player. A little old school 3-piece speaker system with a modern twist, the Combo features a docking station that supports the iPod and the iPhone, as well as the cd player and FM radio.

Logic3 i-Station Combo speaker dock

The base of the Combo also features an LCD screen that displays information about the music you are listening to, and if you don’t have any desk space you can wall mount the unit.

You can get the Logic3 i-Station Combo from amongst other Amazon UK starting at £79.99.

i-Station Soundbar

The flagship of the new Logic3 speaker dock range, the Soundbar has a more classic speaker dock design for placement on a bookshelf or similar, and it has the power to deliver for most homes.

Logic3 i-Station Soundbar speaker dock

i-Station Soundbar speaker system can output 30 RMS of power from the two 2-inch mid-range drivers and two 2.8-inch woofers, providing a powerful sound to your iPod or iPhone.

The dock itself sits at the base of the unit and also has a display for clock information etc. It also includes two aux-in connections for connecting other external media players and can be connected to your tv (composite or component).

Logic3 i-Station Soundbar is available from amongst others Amazon UK at £76.99.

i-Station 26

Logic3 i-Station 26 speaker dockAlso keeping true to a more traditional iPhone speaker dock style as seen in higher end docking stations, the i-Station26 can be used most places in the house and its 2.1 speaker system will give you a relatively good quality of sound.

Inside the i-Station26 you will find two 1.8-inch mid-range drivers and a 3-inch woofer, outputting the sound from your docked iPod or iPhone or FM radio.

The i-Station 26 also features a sliding universal dock, a small backlit LCD, stereo line-in for other music devices, video out option, and the free apps shared with the other speaker docks.

You can get the i-Station 26 from amongst other Amazon UK at £60.82.

i-Station Lite

Logic3 i-Station Lite speaker dockThe ultra portable speaker dock for your iPod or iPhone, the i-Station Lite is small and flat, like a pebble on the desk that you can attach your iPod or iPhone to, not much bigger than the iPhone itself actually so you can fit it in your pocket while out and about.

The Logic3 i-Station Lite is available from amongst others Amazon UK at £34.46.


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One Response to "New generation Logic3 speaker docks for iPad, iPhone and iPod"

  1. Rafeeg00 says:

    Thought I had finally found the perfect set of portable iPhone 3GS speakers after trying logitec and altec lansing’s offerings and being dissapointed.

    Logic3 rotate overall seems awesome. Simple, smooth and secure portrait to landscape rotation, good sound, portable and more compact than logitech and Altec lansings similar speakers, covers the iphone during transport. But the one MAJOR deal breaker is that it has a sleep mode that cant be disabled. So if you use this as a nightstand clock or mute it in the dock, after 5 minutes or 30 minutes you wont receive any alarms or phone calls because you wont be able to hear the iPhone it will be totally muted because the speaker system automatically shuts off to save less than 1 cent an hour in power.

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