All new Apple iPod line up – touchscreen iPod Nano and iPod Touch 4

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19:15 – That concludes the Apple Music Event. We will be back with more details on all the new iPod models, as well as iTunes 10, iOS 4.1 and other news from todays event.

19:10 – New Apple TV reduced price to $99

18:52 -On to Apple TV now with the announcement of the new Apple TV that is a quarter of the size, built in WiFi, and all HD. No need for storage as it is based on pure rental.

18:50 – Ping is not only available in iTunes on your computer, but also on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

18:47 – Buying songs within Ping is really simple – a great new feature in iTunes 10!

18:45 – Ping looks really interesting actually. Can’t wait to start testing it.

18:42 -  iTunes 10 will include a social network that is all about music called Ping!

iTunes 10 gets social network Ping

18:39 – Brand new logo for iTunes 10, ditching the old CD logo.

New iTunes 10 with new logo

18:38 – On to the new iTunes now. Will it announce streaming iTunes?

18:36 – The new range of iPods will be in the market next week, but you can pre-order them now.

18:35 – New iPod Touch 4 gets Retina display and front facing facetime camera + a rear HD video camera.

new iPod Touch 4 is official with retina display and double camera

18:33 – The iPod Touch is now the number 1 portable game player in the world.

18:33 – On to the iPod Touch.

18:30 – The new touchscreen iPod Nano will be available as a product red version as well.

18:28 – Loads of great new features for the tiny touchscreen iPod Nano, including built in FM radio.

18:26 – Announced the new iPod Nano multitouch, confirming the rumours we have been covering.

New iPod Nano with multitouch

18:23 – The new iPod Shuffle receives button controls similiar to the traditional clickwheel. It is also still as tiny as ever. Retailing for only $49.

18:22 – New designs for all iPod models this year.

18:20 – Time to talk about the Apple iPods. 270 million iPods have been sold.

18:18 -  Steve Jobs back on stage to talk about the next iOS release that will be all about the Apple iPad and bringing features including wireless printing and streaming video etc wirelessly between devices.

18:16 – iOS 4.1 will be available to download next week.

18:15: EpicGames have just presented a really cool new game they are working on that will allow social gaming.

18:12 – Steve Jobs is talking about the new Gamecenter and how it is all about multiplayer functionality.

iOS 4.1 with Gamecenter

18:10 – Launching iOS 4.1 today with bug fixes, High Dynamic Range Photos, HD video upload over WiFi, tv show rentals, and game center.

18:08 – Apple is activating over 230,00 iOS devices per day and 200 apps being downloaded every second.

18:05 – Steve Jobs talking about the new Apple Stores that have opened, including their new flagship store at Covent Garden in London. There are now more than 300 Apple stores in 10 countries, and soon one to open in Spain.

18:00 -  The event is now starting. Steve Jobs has taken the stage receiving loud applause.

If you are looking to keep up to date with all the latest news coming out of todays Apple iPod and Music event kicking off at 6pm GMT, we will be posting news live as it happens in San Francisco.

Keep up to date on all the product news which are likely to include the release of the new iPod Touch 4 and a smaller touchscreen Nano or Shuffle right here.


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