Libratone Lounge AirPlay speaker – the airplay soundbar

Libratone Lounge AirPlay speaker

Danish audio manufacturer Libratone says they “make sound systems for modern lifestyles” and with the latest Libratone Lounge soundbar with AirPlay technology they have made a stylish design high-end audio system that will look great in most settings.

Libratone Lounge AirPlay soundbarPart of a duo of AirPlay speakers that also includes the Libratone Live, the Lounge soundbar is designed to complement your television set and to provide you with high quality wireless room-filling audio from a single unit. It is not a surround sound system, but their FullRoom technology is said to deliver a 360-degree sound that reflects off the walls in your room, avoiding the issue of the ‘sweetspot’ only being direct in front of the speaker unit.

If you have your flatscreen tv wall mounted you can do the same with the Libratone Lounge, or you can just have it on a shelf underneath your television set as the system is versatile when it comes to placement. Design wise i find it to be very simplistic, clean, and above all stylish. Draped in cashmere wool the system is available in amongst other slate grey, blueberry black, vanilla beige, lime green, and blood orange.

Whilst design is important, for any system this price it all comes down to the sound it produces. The Libratone Lounge soundbar comes with high quality components and up to 150W power output from five dedicated amplifiers and a Digital Signal Processing unit to deliver clear and precise sound. Inside the unit there are 1 x 8-inch inverted woofer, 2 x 4-inch ceramic midrange drivers, and 2 x 1-inch ribbon based tweeters. The patent pending FullRoom acoustic technology helps to bring the sound throughout the room for a placement independent listening experience.

I hope to be back with a full review of the Libratone Lounge once it becomes available.

Price & availability

The Libratone Lounge AirPlay soundbar is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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Technical specifications

  • Works with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch, (4th, 3rd and 2nd generations) with iOS 4.2 or later and iTunes 10.1 or later (Mac or PC)
  • Apple AirPlay wireless streaming technology
  • Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification built in
  • 3.5mm audio minijack for analog or optical digital sound
  • 150W max output power (1x50W bass, 2x25W midrange, 2x25W tweeter)
  • 1×8-inch inverted woofer, 2×4-inch ceramic midrange, 2×1-inch ribbon based tweeter
  • Power: 110-230 Volt AC, 50/60Hz. Power consumption 80/6 W
  • 1W energy saving standby power consumption
  • Size: 22 x 100 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Comes with wall mount kit

[source: Libratone]


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