Let’s talk iPhone media event live updates [live]

Today at 6pm UK time the wait is finally over and we get an end to all the iPhone rumors that have been circulating for months now. While not live at the event, we will keep you updated live with all the latest information, including the answer to the question on everyone’s lips; iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

iPhone event live blog

Live iPhone event updates

19:40 – Tim is back on stage re-capping the news and dishing out some well deserved accolades to colleagues. That rounds things off from Cupertino and the “Let’s talk iPhone” event. No new iPhone 5 yet…

19:38 – Pre-orders for iPhone 4S starting on Friday 7th october with release date 14th october.

19:37 – 8gb iPhone 4 in black and white confirmed with price point at $99 (two year contract), and the iPhone 3GS 8GB free.

19:35 – Finally some pricing details of the iPhone 4s, and yes there will be a 64gb version. Us prices are $199 16gb, $299 32gb and $399 for 64gb (two year network contract)

19:29 – Time to see the iPhone 4S in action with a new commercial

19:27 – They might be right in Siri being the coolest feature of the iPhone 4S. Sure there will be some disappointed people out there waiting for the iPhone 5. Looks like a few more months of rumors to go before the iPhone 5 arrives.

19:22 – Some great examples for using Siri voice feature being displayed.

19:17 – Siri voice assistant is being presented and demonstrated now. Including setting a wake-up alarm with the voice feature. Looks neat!

19:15 – Airplay mirroring coming to the iPhone 4S! that is good news.

19:13 – iPhone 4S camera allows 1080p HD video recording.

19:10 – iPhone 4S is a world phone (CDMA and GSM) and as expected comes with 8-megapixel camera.

19:03 – iPhone 4S to offer up to twice as fast download times with the HSDPA format (14.4 Mbps)

19:00 – iPhone 4S have addressed some battery life issues, promising up to 8 hours 3G talk time, six hours of browsing, nine on WiFi, and 40 hours of music.

18:55 – iPhone time and we are talking about the iPhone 4S with A5 chip, up to 2 x faster than before, and dual core graphics that are up to 7 times faster. Time for some gaming examples.

18:54 – Over to the iPod Touch now. As expected it gets a white iPod Touch update and iOS 5, and a price drop. No word on the iPod Classic and Shuffle. Could it be that they are discontinued?

18:52 – iPod Nano gets a price drop! $129 for 8gb and $149 for 16gb. More on the iPod Nano 7 here.

18:50 – I’m getting one of those iPod Nano’s to wear as a watch! 16 new watch display features.

18:49 – Phil Schiller taking stage to talk iPod, including improved iPod Nano with Nike+ integration. No need for shoe dongle!

18:47 – iCloud available on 12th October with iTunes Match in the US from end of October.

18:44 – More information on iTunes Match.

18:40 – You can even share your location with friends and family on a temporary basis. Guess that can be useful in certain situations, hiking etc and afraid to get lost.

18:38 – We are talking iCloud now and automatic syncing, including music, photos, documents, apps. Also talking FindmyiPhone.

18:35 – iOS 5 download from 12th October.

18:34 – Safari updates and the new reader functionality that allows you put all essential information into one readable page and add it to a reading list.

18:30 – More on Twitter integration and location aware notifications, Newsstand. Based on feedback from live blogs it sounds like the audience is getting itchy for some real news!

18:27 – We are looking at iOS 5 features now, including notifications and iMessage.

18:26 – Showcasing the Cards app that lets you create your own greetings card, have them printed and shipped.

18:25 – More than a billion apps downloaded per month. $3billion has been paid out to developers.

18:23 – Time for Scott Forstall to talk iOS and marketshare. iOS have got 43% compared to Android 33%.

18:22 – Over 250 million iOS devices have been sold to date.

18:20 – iPads are now everywhere, from goverments, schools, to fortune 500 companies

18:18 – Tim talking iPhone now and the success of the iPhone 4. Still plenty of work to do though with a global mobile phone share of 5%. More to come on the iPhone as he moves on to talk about success of the iPad.

18:15 – Over 300 million iPods have been sold worldwide, including about 45 million in the last year. Still going strong.

18:11 – Apple approaching 60 million Mac users worldwide.

18.04: Tim Cook is on stage talking about the history of the location, where the iPod was first launched 10 years ago

17.59: The event we have all been waiting for is about to begin.

17.50: It seems that the iPhone 4S gets a October 14th release date according to Japanese Apple retail site.

17.10: Apple has taken down their online stores for maintenance/updates. A common practice leading up to an event like this.

Starting at 6pm… reload page for updates.



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