Let’s talk iPhone event could be the death of some iPods

I guess the end of the iPod adventure started when Apple saw the success of their iPhone, and then along came the iPad as well as changed the game once again. All of a sudden the iPod had become a niche product whose functionality could be found in plenty of alternative devices. The end had begun.

The death of the iPod Classic

Since then iPod sales have peaked and are now on a downward spiral, perhaps with the exception of the iPod Touch, a sign that it is time to think retirement for the product that started the modern Apple adventure. Following the announcement of the ‘Let’s talk iPhone’, TUAW decided to tell all about a tip they received a while back, in relation to the statement about a product transition that was made in Apples’ last earnings call. The tip, that the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle will be discontinued as Apple puts the entire focus on touchscreen devices and iOS.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the iPod Classic and the Shuffle is on the way out as products. They have served their purpose well, but it is perhaps time to take the distraction from their main product line away. So what could this mean for the rest of the iPod line up?

The iPod Classic has maintained some popularity amongst those that have been looking for a larger storage portable music player, which there still seems to be a market for. It could be that as a replacement we will see the iPod Touch 5 getting a storage upgrade, or simply that with the iCloud Apple no longer sees the requirement for storage above 64gb as people can have access to all their music library in the cloud.

As for the iPod Nano, getting rid of the Classic and the Shuffle will result in the Nano being the only non-iOS device left in the range, unless Apple is actually planning to make the 7th generation iPod Nano run iOS firmware, something that has been rumored before.

Although the event is likely to be all about the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4s, a lot of us will also be looking to find out the faith of the iPod line. In the meantime it could be an idea to get an iPod Classic now if you have been looking to get one.


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