Fatman Fivds iTube docking station review

Fatman iTube docking station

Are you a serious music lover that wants a home for your iPod with a warm analogue sound combined with the ease of use of todays digital technology? If so we might have found what you have been looking for in the Fatman iTube iPod docking station.

Fatman iTube docking station

The Fatman iTube valve dock and speaker bundle features an iPod dock that is compatible with all iPods except for the iPod Shuffle, and the Fatman 2-way bookshelf speakers comes in a black high-gloss finish making them look good anywhere in your house or apartment. The  iPod dock also comes with video-out so you can connect it to your tv and watch video and images from your iPod as well.

The vacuum tube valve amplifier provides you with that classic smooth analogue sound experience that you miss from many of the other iPod docking stations out there. On the downside the power output could have been slightly better if you have a huge house and want to keep the neighbours awake when you are trying a houseparty.

The specs are as follows: Pwer Output 13Wx2 Frequency Response 20Hz 20KHz (±1.5Db) Harmonic Distortion 0.5% Signal-To-Noise Ratio 86Db Input Impedance 100K Output Impedance 4ohm 8ohm Valve Type 2x6N1(ECC85) 1x6E2(EM87) Power Supply AC100~120V/50~60Hz AC220~240V/50~60Hz Speakers (WxDxH) 144x237x177mm

The sound is quality with the right speakers, power output could be slightly higher, and the look of the system is different than most other docking stations  out there, in a classic and positive way.

Price information

The Fatman iTube is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:


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6 Responses to "Fatman Fivds iTube docking station review"

  1. David Raznick says:

    how does one order from the usa?

  2. james says:

    The new Fatman iTube amplifiers are even better, they are all one unit which I think is better than having two separate units. I have done a few reviews here on my website below. You can compare the Fatman range to some other tube amplifiers from companies that are relatively unknown but are worth looking into if you want a good ipod amp/dock combo. Here is the link if you want to take a look


  3. Hi. I have to agree, the analogue sound is definately best, especially for the likes of acoustic tracks!

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