The legend of the white iPhone 4: Removed from Apple Store

The latest in the saga of the white iPhone 4 is that it has now been taken out of the listings on the Apple Store. Does that mean that Apple has given up on the white iPhone 4, or are they just tired of getting questions about it through the Apple Store?

Apple White iPhone 4

According to Reghardware Apple has decided to postpone the white iPhone 4 until spring 2011, making it the third time since it was first announced that Apple have postponed the elusive “white one” that has been available to pre-order until now.

In fact, if Apple is delaying it for that long we are probably not likely to see the white iPhone 4 at all, as it will most likely be part of the next upgrade to the iPhone 5, assuming Apple will stick to their normal annual upgrade.

So if you were hoping for a white iPhone 4 this Christmas you will have to make it white yourself, as it does not look like santa claus will be able to deliver one in time.

Now let us all hope that Apple not being able to deliver the white iPhone 4 is a sign that we won’t be getting a white christmas this year!


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