Video leaked of 3rd generation iPod Touch with camera likely fake

Update! With the Apple iPod event now over we know that the iPod Touch did not receive a camera at this point, but it did get some other upgrades. Read more about the new 3rd generation iPod Touch and its features.

We have been covering the rumors around the 3rd generation iPod Touch for several months now, going back to before the iPhone OS 3.0 event in February when the rumors first surfaced. Since then the rumors have been many with some more fictional than others, but the latest leaked video of an iPod Touch with a camera could be a preview of what is to come when Apple holds their annual iPod event in September (yet to be confirmed).

The latest rumors, starting with some leaked photos that were quickly declared as fakes by many sources around the web, has now been followed up by a video that seems to confirm that there might be some truth to the earlier rumors about the 3rd generation iPod Touch coming with a camera. You can view the video on YouTube here.

Both the leaked video and the pictures shows an iPod Touch with a back camera at the top and middle, similar as to rumored designs revealed earlier and contrary to some of the rumored iPod Touch cases we have seen earlier that has had the camera opening to the side just like on the iPhone.

The source of the leaked pictures is the Maxim Radio Show Covino and Rich, and some of their pictures from the opened up rumored 3rd generation iPod Touch shows components marked with a production date of 2009. Here are some of the images they supplied to iLounge earlier.

iPod Touch with camera

iPod Touch with camera

iPod Touch with camera

The online community still seems split tough as to the validity of these leaked photos and the video, but with the September event, which according to other sources is likely to take place the week of the 7th September, just weeks away, it should not be long until we get the rumors confirmed. What will be interesting to see though is if the camera on the iPod Touch will have the same specs as on the iPhone 3GS, or if it will be even more improved.

We will continue to keep you up to date on this story.


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66 Responses to "Video leaked of 3rd generation iPod Touch with camera likely fake"

  1. retry4 says:

    I think it has a 50/50 chance of being real, looks like it (a bit), but how the hell does an XM radio station get their hands on a 3rd generation touch. (P.S. they didn’t show the back to much, there’s a small hole near the lense and it wasn’t fully put togeather.)


  2. Thanks for linking my video :)

  3. jsladfl says:

    i hope this comes out it looks cool

  4. gadgetviper says:

    Agreed!! I CANNOT wait, hope it does happen in September

  5. jamesbv02 says:

    that little hole is a microphone so that the camera can capture video as well i guess

  6. Ventego says:

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  7. Brown says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  8. X-man says:

    Interesting. We are waiting for new messages on the same topic:).

  9. Cheyne says:

    hi… im work in a factory in china. us make the new i-pod touch end i-pod nano. i sure yu the new one have cameras

  10. Sarah says:

    This is a fake, any idiot can see that. Someone wanting attention made this up and i don’t know how any of you can believe this lie. wow, epic fail.

  11. daniel says:

    sarah why are u so confident its fake

  12. Will says:

    Sarah, Your negativity is not welcome here.

  13. Sarah says:

    I have the right to post what I want!

  14. Sarah says:

    first off thats second post was not me. second, i’m so confident because it’s obvious it’s a fake and it doesn’t take an idiot to see that

  15. daniel says:

    explain why you think its fake otherwise gtfo

  16. jaylen says:

    i cant wait for the new ipod touch to come out and i am only ten years old and i am actually going to buy myself with the money that i gey when i sel my ipod t 2nd generation and i also here that it will have a camera video and a microphone i think that all of that stuff will make it a blast

  17. Sarah says:

    i don’t need to explain, you just wait and see…

  18. daniel says:

    what are you the queen of Apple

    wait till the 9th sarah, then you will be well and truly rolled out of the board

  19. Sarah says:

    No one said I was the queen. So you better shut up

  20. Kevin says:

    lol its so funny to me when people are so convinced something is fake that they even call us idiots but when it turns out that its true well…thats a diffrent story then they try to make themselfs like better so sarah what would you do if it is real when sept 9th comes? Anyways I could care less about your opinion on a side note i saw this picture b4 and I did have my doubts that these pictures were real. The reason being that the back is terrible condition so i would ask myself “why would someone with an ipod touch 3g mess it up so bad” then today i looked up that these was accualy part of some test to see how well it could fair against scratches drops etc anyways I do strongly belive that there is going to be an ipod touch 3g BECAUSE APPLE EVEN STRONLY HINTED THAT THE NEW IPOD WOULD HAVE A CAMERA AND MIC ETC SO SARAH LOOK IT UP, but i just kinda have my doubts about this picture. Anyways im not going to lie i kinda wish it was going to have diffrent colors but hey you never know

  21. Sarah says:

    You don’t even know what’s coming! You act like you know it all! Shut up

  22. daniel says:

    No you shut up sarah. If you have no reasons why they are not bringing out a gen 3 then YOU can shut up. we have evidence here showing us that it is a strong possibility that it is coming on sep 9th, so until you have some evidence that its not tru

    SHUT UP and GTFO this board

  23. Kevin says:

    ok sarah im going to say this once…in a recent interview they asked apple if there is going to be a new ipod touch with a cam and mic they dident confirm it but what they did say was that it was a very strong possibility that it was true..so obviously they cant make it offical since the thing is next week but thats basically a big freakin yes so YOU STFU AND GTFO SARAH

  24. Kattykitkat says:

    I can’t wait! I hope this is real- I’ve been saving up for an itouch for months. However I heard the rumours of a 3rd gen and decided to wait it out, and I can’t believe we’ll be finding out in one weeks time! I’m ecstatic :)

  25. Sarah says:

    There was no interview that happened! Why are you making stuff up?


  26. daniel says:


    where if your proof that there is not gen 3 ????????????????????????????



  27. Sarah says:

    You’re arrogant.

    You answered yourself. THERE IS NO PROOF THAT THERE IS 3RD GEN = NO 3RD GEN


  28. Kevin says:

    HAHA SARAH IS JUST PISSED CUZ SHE IS DONT IGNORANT TO GET LAID XD anyways why do you even bother commenting here if you are obvisouly not welcomed do you just like people think your nothing but a little bitch?

  29. Kevin says:

    haha my bad typo when i said dont i ment to* got distracted

  30. Kevin says:

    hey guys just got an idea lets just ignore her like if you think about it most likely she wont be coming here anymore when the 3g comes out.

  31. Wazza102 says:

    WoW you guys need to go outside and do something better. Sitting around your computer all day is bad for you.

  32. daniel says:

    Whos sitting around their computer all day ? i come her like once a day …. the rest of the time im not even on the PC . i think your the one obsessed with the internet buddy

  33. Wazza102 says:

    Wtf. That wasn’t aimed at anyone.

    That was a generalization.

  34. Sarah says:


  35. Trung says:

    I think there’s a strong evidence that the 3rd gen is coming. First of all, as usual, Apple is giving a way an iPod Touch/iPod Nano for every Mac purchase for student. This is a good way for them to empty their inventories. Second, the date when this promotion ends is Sept 8th, which means that the 3rd gen will be coming out to replace the 2nd gen. And third, the annual iPod event is from Sep 7th to Sep 9th. So the official announcement of the new iPod Touch & Nano will be on Sep 9th.

    From a business standpoint, Apple is a leader in innovation. You don’t see a product stays the same for 2 years. They always have new stuffs come out annually to replace the old generation. This is not only to attract buyers but to keep their leading role in the industry and to compete with Microsoft’s new Zune HD.

    Another point is that flash memory are so cheap right now and the technology to make a product with all the improvements like in the iPhone is readily available. It’s not hard to make all these changes. If they don’t change for another year, their market share will be stolen with new products from Microsoft, Creative, Toshiba, Sony…

  36. Kevin says:

    so sarah you never makes typos? rlly stfu I got better things to do then fight with some 13 year old

  37. Sarah says:

    If you have then why come back here

  38. Kevin says:

    to see if there are other people talking =p ok sarah how bout we just drop it. You have your opinions and i have mine and ill respect that im sorry for calling you names and stuff wanna just make some peace?

  39. person says:

    make peace not war
    p.s. im notgonna come back to this site ever so no point in replying

  40. Sarah says:

    Hmm alright. Let’s just wait till it official announced okay.

  41. Cammi says:

    There will definitely be a third gen. but I don’t think that is a picture of it. I was all ready to get the 2nd gen for christmas, but now im not so sure….

  42. Cammi says:

    BTW Sarah, didn’t u read that there’s a ten year old reading this, so stop with all the swearing.

  43. Kevin says:

    so…..whats up? lol sarah anwyyays u got yahoo or aim or somethin?

  44. daniel says:

    yeah got msn or nething?

  45. SockMonkeySlippers says:

    it b so cool if it had like a clear plastic cover so u could see all the stuff inside

  46. Wazza102 says:

    Bestbuy had the 3RD GEN touch cases. Indicates that 3RD GEN touch is coming soon!

  47. Dude says:

    This BestBuy Website Page proves Sarah completely WRONG!!


    Belkin – Case for 3rd-Generation Apple® iPod® touch (2-Pack) – Lemon Grass/Vivid Aqua


  48. Walter says:

    I work in Bestbuy and big boxes of packages had been coming in our warehouse. It had a warning saying ‘DO NOT OPEN’ but I had a little sneak peak and saw the ipods. To tell you the truth I’m not gonna lie and say “The new ipods have blah blah blah”. It was just a quick sneak peak because my boss came in our warehouse and I was told what I was doing there. (I’m not supposed to be there)

    To tell you what I saw:

    When I opened the package that came in the big box, it was covered with a hard paper saying “Apple Ipods” in their usual style of writings.

  49. daniel says:

    oo please say more


  50. daniel says:

    green eggs?

  51. daniel says:

    well done. no gen 3 with a camera!!!

  52. Mikerpen says:

    So now that the iPod Touch third generation is out, with no camera, how do many of you feel in this thread? It appears Sarah was right, and so many others were wrong. Now it could have been a guess on Sarah’s part or she might have just been trolling, but she was right and many others were wrong. I myself came too late this thread to have an opinion on the legitimacy of this picture – easy to say now. :) I wish they had added a camera, then the iPod Touch would have been nigh perfect.

    Now onto conjecture as to what the next gen iPhone will be like when it come out in June. :)

  53. Sarah says:

    Well, I told you guys so! Shame on you

  54. This Camera Photo is very nice .

  55. daniel says:

    Ok guys. so most people who buy a touch use it as a mini computer?

    id say id use it for everything. music , videos, and use the internet.

    then why is APPLE trying to make it a gaming machine, and how can it possibly attempt to compare itself to NINTENDO and the PSP ? who do they think they are , are they that full of themselves that they dont even know where they are heading with this device?

    It should have had a camera, it should have had a microphone, if people want a phone, they will get the iphone

    i really hope Zune HD kicks arse in sales, and Apple is then forced to think again…

    my gut feeling is that Apple will release all this stuff OLED, HD radio, camera , mic in the real Gen 3. but when that will be… who knows.

    It will be when the Zune Hype has gone down….. maybe a year

  56. Sarah says:

    Now all you guys are disappointed!!!

    And I’m NOT! Because I didn’t expect such thing!!!

    I knew Apple would never do it.

    Really, shame on you all who tried to prove me wrong!

  57. Sarah says:

    Oh no another rumor.

    As you learned, do not have high hopes for rumors. Even if the Ipod touch would get camera, it won’t be until next year! Face it!

  58. Kevin says:

    oh lol im pretty sure if anything it might be next year just saying thats a possible reason why it dident get one lol honestly i dont care anymore when they dident announce it i just got a iphone so im happy anyways sarah u were right =p

  59. Sarah says:

    Finally someone said I was right. :D

    I knew there wasn’t a camera coming. Next time people, don’t get your hopes up.

    How about this,

    Hope for the best and expect the worst.

  60. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to remind everyone that I was right!

  61. Sarah says:

    Props to all the people pretending to be me. The only times i posted on here are comments 10, 14, and 17. You other people fail….All i have to say is, i told you so…

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