Leaked pictures for rumored 3rd generation iPhone ahead of WWDC

It was just a matter of time before someone would leak pictures of the coming 3rd generation iPhone, although I would state that this is very speculative and not necessarily true, the Italian iPhone blog iSpazio recently posted the following images of what is supposed to be the 3rd generation iPhone as featured on a yet to be released page on the Apple website.

Leaked photos of next generation iPhone

The images reveal a new iPhone that looks very much like the old one. It is all black and the main difference is that the slip-resitant backing of the phone. There are no signs of a forward facing camera or any big changes to the design, which is in line with many of the earlier rumors that the 3rd generation iPhone will be a minor upgrade that will most likely feature increase storage through a 32gb iPhone, and improved processor and graphics.It is still a lot of uncertainty around if the next generation iPhone will be revealed at the WWDC that starts on the 8th June, or if it will be towards the end of June when Steve Jobs is expected to be back at the reigns of Apple.Supporting the imminent release of the next generation iPhone is that several retailers are reporting on stock shortage of the current iPhone 3G, often a sign that Apple is preparing the distribution of an upgraded model.We will be back with more information over the coming days.[ratings]

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