Leaked iPod Touch front panel indicates facetime camera

While we are now likely only weeks away from the launch of the iPod Touch 4 we are starting to see more leaks in terms of camera features for the new 4th generation iPod Touch.

Leaked images of iPod Touch 4 frontpanel with facetime camera

This latest leak comes via M.I.C gadget revealing what could be the front panel, including touchscreen, for the new iPod Touch 4, and it features a centrally located opening for a facetime camera similar to the one seen on the new iPhone 4.

We have seen leaks around facetime camera coming to the new iPod Touch 4 before, but hopefully these latest images will be another confirmation that Apple is this time actually bringing a camera to the new iPod Touch.

Supporting the validity of this latest leak is that the front panel components are marked with “Apple (c) 2010”. Although this does not guarantee that these images are real and that they are of the new iPod Touch 4.

Further support for facetime cameras coming to new Apple devices, such as the iPod Touch 4 and the Apple iPad, was earlier found in recent betas of the new iPhone iOS 4.1. These suggest that Apple could be utilizing email addresses as options to initiate facetime video calling between devices.

Keep checking in at 4th generation iPod Touch central for all the latest iPod Touch rumours and news.


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