Launch problems hits several Apple services

After what seems to be a successful weekend of sales for the new 3G iPhone around the world, it has not gone as smoothly as Apple and the consumer might have wished for.

The problems started already before launch with issues between the O2 registration services and the Apple stores around the UK, problems that at launch resulted in long delays and many frustrated consumers. The problems were not only due to compatibility issues with systems, but the demand also took down the systems. One can argue that O2 received enough warning signs about this with the pre order problems earlier in the week to be able to cope at launch.

Supply and demand for the new iPhone was clearly another big issue, as many customers had to leave without getting their iPhone on the day, and some of those that were able to pre order are still waiting for their iPhone despite being promised delivery on Friday. The issue was perhaps worst with the 16gb iPhone, with stock levels being in single digits at many high volume outlets.

Owners of iPod Touch that wished to upgrade to the new iPod Touch 2.0 firmware through iTunes ended up having to wait as well as the demand through the launch of the new iTunes application store created long delays, also leading to the 2.0 firmware being leaked for free online by unknown sources.

The new Apple MobileMe service that allows users to edit, update and synchronize their email, calender, contacts, photos and documents between several Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and their Mac via the internet, also had issues at launch with lots of users not able to access it. The service was supposed to be up and running at the launch of the new 3g iPhone on Friday but lots of users have had trouble logging in and received message saying the service is temporarily unavailable.

We are interested in hearing about any other issues people have had with any of the new services, so feel free to tell your story by leaving a comment to this post.


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