Latest on 3rd generation iPhone before WWDC

Update! Apple has just announced the new iPhone 3GS.

Although it is still to be confirmed if the 3rd generation iPhone will be announced this week at the WWDC, there are some more information indicating that this week will be “the week”, including that Wall Street Journals Walt Mossberg already has his hands on an example of the new generation iPhone.

In his review of the Palm Pre for the WSJ he talks about how the two phones compare, but whether a slip of the tongue or deliberate release of information, he referred that the comparison of the two phones also depends on the added features of the new iPhone to be released this week. It might be that like the rest of us he was just speculating on the release of the 3rd generation iPhone, but it is also worth noting that he was one of the early recipients of the first generation iPhone back in June 2007.

The Financial Times also reported last week that Apple will be launching a cut-price version of the iPhone, perhaps as early as today, referring to sources close to the initiative. It is said that the cut-price iPhone version will be released to strenghten the iPhone’s share of the mobile web-surfing market, and as a reply to increasing competition from other smartphone operators.

We earlier wrote about the “leaked” spy photos of the 3rd generation iPhone, as reported by italian iPhone blog iSpazio, revealing that we are most likely looking at a smaller upgrade, most likely to increased memory to 32gb iPhone, improved processing and wireless speed, as the design looks fairly similar to the current iPhone 3G. However some have studied some of the leaked photos closer and that they might reveal a much rumored forward facing camera for the iPhone, supporting earlier patent applications from Apple.

Leaked iPhone 3rd gen photo

If not this week, then the increased chatter online about lack of stock of the current iPhone 3G might be proof that retailers are getting ready to change over to the new iPhone iminently. Have also noted that here in the UK, both O2 and the Carphone Warehouse shop windows and in-store displays have been surprisingly free of the iPhone 3G in the last few weeks.

We will be back with more information from the WWDC over the coming days.


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