Krell KID – The toy for the rich audiophile

This is perhaps not the accessory for the average iPod owner, but if you have a lot of spare cash lying around and very passionate about your music, then the Krell KID might be just for you.

Krell KID iPod dock systemThe Krell KID, or Krell Interface Dock as it is short for, claims to be the first iPod dock system that perfects the interface between the music on your iPod and the high quality hifi-system. According to Krell themselves it is “the first product of its kind to utilize the fully differential output of the internal DAC for iPod devices.”

Other technical features of this iPod dock system is opto-isolated digital connections, balanced differential class A circuitry, ultra low noise volume control, and digitally controlled analog bass and treble.

The UK price for the Krell KID is in the area of £1350 available from Absolute Sounds. If you can afford to spend this level of money for an iPod dock system, then you will probably want to complete it with a few other components to ensure you get the full experience out of it. Perhaps you want to add the following products to it:

  • Papa Dock 2x170watt power amplifier for about £2790
  • A pair of Martin Logan Purity floorstanding speakers that Absolute Sounds like to package it with, which combined with the Krell KID will cost you £3740. These speakers have their own 200w amps built in.

Of course you will also need to have an iPod, so if you are in the market for one you might want to check our best price iPod table.

Should the Krell KID system be out of your money league, like it will be for the majority of us unfortunately, then you might want to check out some of the more affordable systems out there in our iPod speaker dock review.


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