Review: Klipsch Image One on-ear headphones

Klipsch Image One headphones

American headphones manufacturer Klipsch is perhaps best known for producing in-ear headphones that are compatible with the likes of the iPod and the iPhone, but with the Klipsch Image One that have delivered a on-ear headphone for the bass lovers out there.

Klipsch Image One headphones

Klipsch Image One review

It could be just me and the circles i hang around, but it looks like on-ear headphones are coming back in fashion. Perhaps it has to do with the publicity the likes of Beats by Dre headphones have received, as well as the design factor coming more into play in more recent headphone designs, but there definitely seems to be more people sporting on-ear headphones these days. And if you are in the market for a new pair, then you should consider the Klipsch Image One headphones as well.

With its professional grade foam ear cups and custom fit leather headband, the Klipsch Image One sits very comfortable on your head and more importantly your ears. If you listen to a lot of music, then the comfort factor of your headphones becomes a big issue, so one to keep in mind.

They also feature on-cable mic and 3 button controls to easily manage music and calls while having your iPhone in your pocket etc.

Spending some time with the Klipsch Image One enjoying the sounds of Tribe Called Quest and some Kid Cudi, i found the sound experience pleasent, although slightly on the heavy side with the bass, but a lot of people like that. The design and quality of the ear cups also give a decent noise isolation.

Overall the Klipsch Image One headphones does provide good value for money, solid build, and a sound that is targeted towards the bass lovers out there.

Pricing and availability

As expected given the build quality and sound, the Klipsch Image One are not amongst the cheapest headphones in the market, but they are not the most expensive either, and in my opinion provides a good value for money for those that are regularly using their headphones to listen to music.

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    Please don’t make yourselves pathetic. This picture shows headphones on someone’s head, but this person is wearing it wrongly. L/R switched.
    It looks awful on this pic.

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