KitSound BoomDock iPod speaker review – value for money

KitSound BoomDock iPod speaker

The KitSound BoomDock iPod speaker dock has become a popular high seller at amongst other Amazon UK because of its power and value for money, plus it does not look bad either.

KitSound BoomDock iPod speakerIn the iPod speaker dock market you usually find products at opposite range of the spectrum; from the high-end speaker docks from the likes of B&W to the entry level budget iPod speakers that you find stacked at the checkout on the high-street retailers. But every now and then you come across an exception, a system that delivers both high-specifications, powerful sound, and a low price – the KitSound BoomDock is one of those.

It looks different from most systems in its price range with its fairly sizeable square block design in all black, reminding you a bit more about some of the higher priced alternatives out there, like the Vita Audio R4, although the design is not quite as retro and polished for comparison. The docking station itself is situated at the top front center of the unit and is cradled, so no docking of iPads unfortunately. At the front of the unit you will find a LED display as well as an oversized volume knop and other controls. You are however more likely to use the remote control than the physical control buttons on the KitSound BoomDock itself. At the back of the unit they have also added a couple of phono inputs, allowing you to connect other AV equipment to the system, including your television.

The KitSound BoomDock name is a bit of a giveaway as to what the system is all about; powerful sound. Inside the unit you will find a 5 1/4-inch downfiring subwoofer with 22W of output power and forward firing satellite drivers with aluminum cones providing a dynamic range close to 90dB. Yes, this system is more about power than finesse, but at the same time you will struggle to find any better and more powerful sounding system in its price class.

KitSound has also added AM/FM radio to the system, which is a nice extra, but when it comes to radio from compact units like this it is all about DAB these days. If you plan to use your iPhone with the system as well you might want to put it in flightmode to avoid interference.

Price & availability

The KitSound BoomDock iPod speaker is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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* This is a first impression review and rating is based on first hand experience of the system. It has not been tested over time and in optimized settings.


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