KitSound BoomClock alarm dock – will wake you up in the morning

Having trouble waking up in the morning, or just fancy a bit more bass-heavy sound at the crack of dawn? Then you might want to check out the KitSound Boom Clock alarm speaker dock for iPod and iPhone.

KitSound BoomClock alarm dockThe KitSound Boom Clock might not stand out as anything special when looking at it with it’s shiny black finish, which according to Amazon UK customer reviews, results in frequent fingerprint marks, but how often do you come across an affordable iPod alarm dock that both fits your bedside table and has a built in subwoofer.

Inside the KitSound BoomClock there are 2 x 2W + 3W drivers with RMS 80 watts peak, not quite comparable to its big brother the KitSound BoomDock, but then again this is a much smaller unit. In addition you get the standard features you expect from an iPod alarm dock, including a dock that charges your iPod/iPhone, alarm functionality, an LCD clock display with adjustable back light, sleep and snooze mode, choice of what you want to wake up to etc. For those that like variety, you can always set the dock to wake you up to a radio station as there is built in FM radio. And don’t worry about annoying network interference when you dock your iPhone, as the KitSound Boom Clock features RF shielding.

I have not spent quality time yet with the KitSound Boom Clock to rate it, but overall feedback on Amazon UK is above average as most seem to agree that the sound is pretty good, but that there are some flaws, including lack of battery back up in case of power shortage, finger prints on the top of the dock, and to some degree that the light is a bit bright. I hope to be back with a full review in the near future.

Price & availability

The KitSound Boom Clock is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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