Kids want an iHoliday as Apple gadgets dominate wishlists

This should not come as a shock to anyone, but apparently kids want Apple gadgets for Christmas! This according to a Nielsen survey, but i’m sure most of us would have been able to guess the result of that one.

NIelsen what kids want for Christmas survey

With the iPad 2 topping the most wanted list amongst the 6-12 year olds it looks like Christmas 2012 will either leave a lot of parents broke or a lot of kids disappointed, as this one features on the more expensive side of what most people can afford to give as presents this year, given the tough economic conditions around the world. Luckily for parents, the number two choice is a bit more affordable in the form of the iPod Touch 4, which is now available in both black and white models. The iPhone 4S slides in at third spot, making me wonder, what happened to kids wanting Lego and Transformers for Christmas??

According to the survey about 44% of the kids desired an iPad in the next 6 months, followed by 30% for the iPod Touch and 27% for the iPhone. The dominance of Apple gadgets on the list is likely down to gaming, and the large selection of affordable games available through the iTunes App Store. Apple dominating the gadget and gaming wishlist by such a margin must be tough to swallow for some of the other big gaming platforms, including Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.

Even amongst the 13 and up age group the iPad took the top spot with 24% of the votes, edging out a new computer and the e-reader, the later likely boosted by the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

So if the 3,000 or so U.S children in the survey is a good benchmark it looks like we are in for an iHoliday this year, if iSanta can afford it that is!

You can take a look at our own Guide to buying Christmas presents for Apple owners here.

[source: Nielsen via Appleinsider]


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