KEF X300A wireless speakers brings high-end audio to AirPlay

KEF X300A wireless desktop speaker with AirPlay and DLNA

While the market is crowded with speaker docks and small portable wireless speakers, sometimes you need a higher quality sound for your home, but hoping not to break the budget completely. This is where amongst other KEF X300A comes into the picture, hoping to deliver a high-end solution to audiophiles out there.

KEF X300A wireless desktop speaker with AirPlay and DLNA

The KEF X300A is their latest set of wireless desktop speakers that are offering up some high-end component alternatives compared to the run of the mill speaker docks out there. With support for both AirPlay and DLNA streaming, they cover the basis for a larger range of audio set ups, including DLNA compatible Android smartphones and tablets, as well as streaming from your home network. Should you want to “wire” them up, they connect to your computer using a USB cable. In wired mode they offer up high-resolution 96 kHz/24-bit distortion free playback, otherwise known as audiophile listening standard.

On the inside, each speaker use KEF Uni-Q drivers, and has two dedicated AB grade amps (4 amps across the two speakers). Each speaker also has a high-quality DAC inside. Each speaker has one amp dedicated to high frequencies, and one amp covering mid- and low end frequencies. According to KEF this helps the speakers deliver a cleaner sound at higher volumes. There are also separate EQ settings dependent on how you use the speakers, including desktop mode, free space, or wall mode. The obligatory 3.5mm analog input is also included.

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KEF X300A wireless desktop AirPlay speakers

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