JBL OnBeat iPad speaker dock

JBL On Beat for iPad

Harman has delivered us many iPod speaker docks under the JBL brand before, and with the latest JBL OnBeat they have also delivered their first iPad compatible speaker dock.

JBL OnBeat iPad speaker dock

The universal dock on the JBL OnBeat holds your Apple iPad firmly in place while allowing you to listen to the sound output from the speakers that are located at the bottom part of the dock. As expected, the OnBeat runs on AC power and will charge your iOS device when it is docked. For those familiar with other JBL speaker docks, the design and look of the OnBeat speaker dock will be familiar as well.

With dual 7.5 watt amplification and computer optimized DSP equalization JBL is aiming to deliver a well rounded home entertainment system with the JBL OnBeat. This is further highlighted with features including component video output for connecting to television sets, and USB connection for easy syncing of docked devices.

Because the JBL OnBeat is not just for the Apple iPad. You can also dock other iPod and iPhone devices thanks to the dock connector, which also allows you to rotate iPhone/iPod Touch to view in landscape mode.

Price information

The JBL OnBeat iPad speaker dock is currently available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

JBL OnBeat speaker dock

We will be back with full review once we get a chance to test the JBL OnBeat properly. In the meantime you can also check out other iPad speaker docks here.

The OnBeat iPad dock should also be compatible with the Apple iPad 2 which was launched here in the UK at the end of March. You can find iPad 2 prices here.


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