Jawbone Jambox wireless bluetooth speaker – just like lego

Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone is a well known producer of bluetooth wireless personal audio, but usually in the form of bluetooth headsets and not speakers. Meet the gamechanger – the Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speaker.

Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speaker

The outside

This is the ultimate in portable bluetooth speakers as the size is small enough to fit in your pocket, and it does give me associations to a large lego piece with its square shape and simple design. Dimensions are 2.25 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep, weighting in at about 12-ounces.

Shaped as a sturdy block where the top and bottom end is made of molded rubber to avoid it sliding or jumping around on the surface while you play, while the rest is covered in a single folded sheet of mesh. Keeping the number of components low is done to avoid any chassis scrambling or buzzing while playing.

Controls for multifunction and volume is found on the top panel of the speaker, while power button, micro usb for charging and 3.5mm jack is found on each side.

The Jawbone Jambox will be available in blue, black, red, or grey.

On the inside

The Jawbone Jambox features a bluetooth chip supporting A2DP stereo, and it is really easy to pair as it is done exactly in the same way as pairing any other bluetooth device.

Jambox uses the same MyTALK platform as featured in their ICON headsets, opening up opportunities to bring new functionality and apps to the Jambox. At the moment there are no spesific additional features on these speakers, but the technology does open up for that opportunity.

This also means that communication with the Jambox speakers are done through voice prompts as there are no displays. Voice prompts will tell you when unit is paired, battery level is low, incoming calls etc.

Inside the Jambox you will find a pair of proprietary 1.25 inch drivers at the front, and a rear facing passive radiator woofer that provides a surprisingly good and powerful sound for its size.

The Jawbone Jambox

For the size the Jawbone Jambox sound surprisingly well and with a decent punch. If you only plan to use it stationary you can get better sounding and more powerful systems for the same price, but as a portable unit the Jambox are amongst the better when taking everything from sound, design, size and price into consideration.

Price information

The Jawbone Jambox is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Compare the Jawbone Jambox with some of its portable bluetooth speakers competitors here, including the Creative D100 bluetooth speaker, or find out more about the coming Apple Airplay speakers.


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