Jajah joins Fring and Truphone for texting and calling on iPod Touch

The latest iPod Touch application that will allow you to make calls and texting, just like on the iPhone, is the Jajah App. Jajah joins the likes of Fring and Truphone in providing calling and texting for the iPod Touch 2G, giving users access to Skype when online.

It is worth mentioning that Jajah has their own service and does not provide Skype directly, unlike Fring and Truphone which allows you to make Skype Out calls and send text messages through Skype. Jajah competes with Skype providing low cost internet calling using voice over IP.

Just like when using Skype on the Fring App, you have to be connected to a wireless network to use Jajah for the iPod Touch, and you have to have a headset with microphone built in, or alternatively a microphone adapter for the iPod Touch.


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