Have you jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch? Survey says 6.7% of us have

Have you ever considered jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch? or perhaps you already have. According to a recent story in the New York Times 6.7% of us have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod, potentially creating headache for the people at Apple.

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch involves hacking the software to open it up to work across other mobile networks, or to be able to use applications that can not seem to get past Apple’s strict application rules on the iTunes App Store, dissallowing any application that could potentially be harmful to their income stream.

Whenever a company tries to protect their income stream by limiting the usage of their products, there are those out there that will do what they do best to give the consumer an option, whether deamed legal or not. The jailbreaking of iPhone or iPod’s have become a race between the people that hacks the devices and Apple constantly removing any “holes” in security to lock them back out again.

For the user there is both value and dangers in jailbreaking your device. Value is that you will not be locked to the a singular network, or that you will be able to use many of the great applications that currently do not get access to the iTunes App Store. The dangers is of course that by jailbreaking your device you loose any warranty and tech support should anything happen to your device, which with any hack could happen.

No one has quite been able to put a number on the size of the jailbreaking market, but the New York Times have estimated it to about 2.3 million devices, based on roughly about 37 million iPhones and iPods sold.

Are you among those that have jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch? if so we would love to hear your experience about it, good or bad, so please leave a comment to share with the rest of us. Also please take the survey on our homepage.


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26 Responses to "Have you jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch? Survey says 6.7% of us have"

  1. Ezekiel house says:

    Hey guys I have jailbroken my iPod touch and have loves it. It is so easy and there are so many benefits that they completely outweigh the negatives. SO WHAT it voids your friggin warentee. Get over it. I didn’t get a warentee foe mine and I’m glad I didn’t. All the customozation features are so much better than the origional os. I love it. If you are hesitating for any reason, don’t. You won’t be sorry

  2. Evil Taco says:

    I don’t see how I ever lived without jailbreaking my itouch. It’s like a completely different piece of hardware now. It fits more with what I was led to believe an itouch would be, rather than what it currently is.

  3. Jesus H Christ says:

    I think this percentage would be much higher if only for iPod touches. Of my peers (14-16 year olds) at least three quarters of my friends have jailbroken their iPod touches but hardly any of the iPhone users. This, I think, is due to the fact that iPhones are more prone to error when jailbroken and users may worry more about their device being bricked etc.

  4. James Wan says:

    I think jailbreaking your iPod Touch Or iPhone is much more economical as i think that you are able to save money instead of spending it on app’s in Apple’s App Store and plus the nice themes that can change your iPod Touch Interface and the bluetooth

  5. Justin says:

    i jailbroke my ipod and it is amazing!!!!!!! and if something does go wrong with your ipod/iphone then you can restore it and its back 2 normal!!!!¡!!!

  6. Mark says:

    I certainly plan to jailbreak my touch.

    C’mon guys. “you loose any warranty and tech support.

    I won’t “loose” anything. I might *LOSE* it.

  7. Christian says:

    I jailbroke my iTouch about a week an a half or two weeks ago and it is really cool but if you are going to do it you need to know what you are doing if you don’t want to waste an iPod/iPhone.

  8. Flatspider says:

    I have a jailbroken iPod touch, and it was definitly worth it. All you have to be careful win is when you update, because that unjailbreaks you. The customization features alone make the jailbreak worth it. And there really is no excuse not to do it, especially since the dev-team came out with a GUI for redsn0w.

  9. XxCheezM0nk3yxX says:

    i jailbroke my ipod touch and it is awsome u can customize backrounds if ur wonderin to jailbreak or not to do it. weni first thought about it i didnt want to and now i know it was worth it:)

  10. Seth says:

    I have owned 3 different touches (all first gen) because the screens had pixel problems. I jailbroke all of them once or twice each (had to restore iPods) and it worked every single time with no complications (and i replaced with the 1 year warranty). If you do what the jailbreaking application, nothing bad will happen. Even if something goes wrong, it would only be software complications and you could restore your touch and try again.

  11. da realist says:

    jail breaking with my ipod touch was succesful but if u dont do it right it could take out your ipod. like so many people said there is so many applications that u can get. my personal favorite is app that downloads videos from youtube straight on your ipod touch no computer needed. the only problem with me is. i cracked my screen and didnt get a warranty so i said screw it i might as well just jailbreak it. its worth it i prefer using redsnow to jailbreak it but another thing is you have to jailbreak it everytime when there is a new software for the ipod. which sucks. i would use youtube to jailbreak.

  12. Juan says:

    A jailbroken iPod Touch opens your iPod to a whole different world. You can custom almost anything from your iPod Touch. LockScreen, Sliders, Wallpaper, Music Player, Icons, and Much, Much, More!!

    When I first thought about jailbreaking my iPod Touch 2G I was worried it would be bricked or something would happen to it. But I decided to do it. When I was done I was so SATISFIED!!

    If you are thinking about jailbreaking your iPod Touch, think NO MORE!! JAILBREAK YOUR iPod Touch or iPhone.


  13. Angel says:

    hey guy, well two days ago i decided to jailbreak my iphone 3G. i didnt realize you could do it by yourself and i finally looked it up and did it. took me a while but when i finally finished it was amazing!! i did a lot of looking around and found the best applications. and now my iphone is incredibly satisfying!! the only problem im having is battery life. it seems as though it cut in half with all the stuff ive done but ill find some solution. JAILBREAK YOUR IPHONE/IPOD!!! ITS THE BEST!!!!

  14. jon says:

    The Jailbreak is the best thing to happen to the ipod since its release. today i had to do a complete restore on my ipod touch 2gen but i guess i found a hole in the jailbroken software. A little ticked but hey i cant complain it worked for weeks with out a glitch. In retrospect trying to install a stolen HACKER written app was not a good idea :-) (it was gSPhone)

  15. St.Sebastien says:

    I had never wanted an ipod in my life as I found a simple ten pound mp3 player to do the job but then I saw the great advert for ipod touch and went straight out and bought one. Wasn’t I gutted when I actually got it up and running which I have to say took me a while.
    I found the whole “syncing” thing so unbeliavebly stupid it made me sick! Why can’t you just plug in an ipod and drag and drop the files like any other MP3?
    So a jailbreak was the only answer and to be honest I wouldn’t have cared less if my ipod got bricked as I was sick to death of it.
    Having it jailbroken really makes buying the ipod worthwhile. There are so many 3rd party apps and games out there.
    For anyone wondering wether to do it or not then I say go ahead.
    To release something with the capability of the ipod but make it almost impossible to use could only have been done by Apple. Or maybe Microsoft but you get the gist.
    I used quickpwn to jailbreak mine and it did take me a few tries but mainly due to me being thick. It was actually simple to do and guided me through the whole thing.

  16. Jack says:

    I love my jailbroken iPod the only problem i had was the jailbreaking proccess froze 4 times and i had to restore 2 out of the 4 times but the 5th time my ipod touch succesfully jailbroke and i love it i cant imagine how i dlive with out it with the third party apps and the emulators and the free apps u can get even though u hav to pay in the app store i totally luv it.

  17. Pooch says:

    I was an initially reluctant jailbreaker, for my iPhone 3G, here in the UK, worrying that’d I’d trash the phone completely. However, once you realise that there’s almost no chance of truly “bricking” it, (that is, permanently screwing it up), then you simply have to try it out. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. More flexibility in terms of network choice. More apps – in fact better apps can be found via Cydia once you’ve broken the iPhone, that it’s a shame that Apple don’t legitimately make these Apps available to everyone via iTunes. I’d highly recommend jailbreaking your iPhone!

  18. Jake Smith says:

    Jailbreak now it makes it god-like. It won’t break actually 0% have broken them just some have had theres become un-jailbroken but not broken

  19. Syk3 says:

    i jailboke my ipod but but how can u update it without it erasing everything? where do u go? what do u do?

  20. Hannah says:

    i bought an ipod online that was jailbroke and i did not know anything about it. two days later it completely froze and started to download the viruses onto my computer. i would strongly recommend NOT jailbreaking

  21. Ndog says:

    Hi my ipod is jailbroken i turned it off but the screen wont turn or nor anything ive connected it to the computer and it wont turn on please help!

  22. Mea says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh! this is awesome !! a jailbroken itouch is THE BOMB !! its incredibly amazing it lets u get FREEEEEEE apps and themes YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT ???? JUST DO IT
    you will NOT regret it!!!

  23. Over 2 million iPhones and iPod’s jailbroken – is yours? | iPod Republic was excellent. You should write more blogs like that

  24. Reinventnv says:

    Nothing wrong with jailbreaking .. I paid aloya money for my iPod … I didn’t buy one to buy more stuff .. So in that sense getting free app’s nothing wrong with it .. I buy the apps I like and delete the ones o don’t like or that aren’t that fun or usefull why buy en when you can try em out first

  25. Kao says:

    Hi I am from japan and I jailbroke my phone while ago maybe 6 months, but yesterday my phone just freezes and it says no service and I turned it off, and trying to turn it on it is not working now, it’s 3gs and there just apple logo appears but I am waiting for ages to turn it on what should I do? It sucks that I can’t use my phone, I was tried to restore it but still not working soo that means my phone is totally broken? If soo jailbroke cause problems to my phone , I wish I didn’t jailbroke it

  26. Stevie Kulbida says:

    I understand this is really boring and you’re simply skipping to another comment, but I just wished to toss you a large many thanks — you solved some things for me!

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