Jailbreak for iPod Touch 2G from iPhone Dev Team

Over the last few days the news that the iPhone Dev Team has jailbroken the new iPod Touch 2G has started to circulate online, and according to good sources, it is very likely that this is true. This means that the team that created the jailbreak for the original iPod Touch and for the iPhone has now also managed to jailbreak the new iPod Touch 2G, potentially opening it up to thousands of non-Apple approved applications.

Screenshot of iPod TOuch 2G jailbreak from iPhone Dev TeamTo the right you can see the first screenshot of the jailbroken iPod Touch 2G from the iPhone Dev Teams own blog. At the moment it is advised that the jailbreak it too complex and manual job to recommend the average iPod Touch owner to test it, but the team say they are working on the software release but that they have no ETA for the release as yet.

Many people have speculated as to when the jailbreak would come for the iPod Touch 2G following news towards the end of 2008 that the same team had successfully jailbroken the new iPhone 3G.

If you are considering getting your iPod Touch jailbroken one should also be aware that Apple constantly trie to fix any ‘holes’ that the iPhone Dev Team might find and take advantage of. If Apple releases an update that fixes the issue, and you download and instal the upgrade through iTunes, then the jailbreak might no longer be working.


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