Jabra Revo multitouch bluetooth headphones at CES

Having followed CES from a distance this year the headphone announcements have been a bit disappointing, with a few exceptions. Amongst those that have caught my eye is the Jabra Revo wireless headphones with multitouch on-ear controls.

Jabra Revo Wireless multitouch headphones

The Jabra Revo wireless headphones might not have the standout design of the likes of Parrot Zik, but like their more famous counterpart the Revo headphones also promises on-ear multitouch controls, allowing you to adjust volume by tracing circles or tap to control the music etc. In todays wireless world, having to have cables connected to your smartphone, or even having to take it out of your pocket to make standard audio controls seems so unecessary, therefore it is great to see more manufacturers, like Jabra, embrace the technological possibilities available to them.

Where I might have an issue (yet to test them) with the Jabra Revo is in the overall functionality, as the multitouch gesture controls seem to require that you use the associated Jabra Sound App (availalble for both iOS and Android). The functionality does not allow you to use your favourite media player. Considering that these days I keep a lot of my music in the cloud, depending on what cloud music services the Jabra Sound App might support, it could be a big issue.

Until I get a chance to test the Jabra Revo wireless headphones, I maintain that these are amongst the more interesting headphones announced at CES this year. Availability is said to be sometime during Q2 this year, with price to be confirmed.

[Source: Gizmodo UK]


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2 Responses to "Jabra Revo multitouch bluetooth headphones at CES"

  1. Jabra US says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Just read your nice review of the new Jabra Revo. I have some great news for you. You do not need to use the Jabra Sound app with Dolby Digital Plus to use the touch features on the Jabra Revo headset. It is an independent application which is to enhance your listening experience. It adds the Dolby Digital Plus along with some cool features within the app including an equilzer which you can adjust the sound or pre-set based on music genre.

    Our Jabra Halo2 also features the same volume up/down touch functionality.

    Hope this helps clarify a bit. Sorry you were not able to make it to the CES floor to hear them…that’s where you would really be impressed. :)

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