iWalk Link 3000L Portable Back Up Battery Review

iWalk Link 3000L backup power iPhone

One of the biggest challenges to anyone with a smartphone or tablet these days is to ensure their device does not run out of battery when without easy access to a charging point. We have all been there, getting towards the end of the day, perhaps stuck on the commute home, and the alerts of low battery starts popping up. Enter the iWalk Link 3000L portable charging battery.

iWalk Link 3000L backup power iPhone

There are plenty of options available for emergency charging, including back-up power cases etc. Whilst these are often limited to specific models due to their ‘case’ nature, the iWalk Link 3000L is a stand-alone back-up charging solution that uses the lightning connector of the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6Plus, or even compatible iPad models and iPod Touch to provide emergency charging of your device, helping you keep ‘connected’ when you need it the most.

Certified by Apple for use with the iPhone and iPod, the iWalk Link 300L uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery to provide your Apple device with extra juice, allowing you to amongst other listen to music for an additional 58 hours, talk for up to 11 hours on the phone, or watch up to 14 hours of video.

The iWalk Link 3000L came pre-charged from the box, just in time for a day out of the office, ensuring that I had the necessary backup power for the journey back after a long day, when normally I find myself having to scale back on device usage to ensure I have enough power for booking my Uber for the last part of the journey home. The relatively small size also means that it fits nicely in a small bag, or for you ladies out there, even a small purse.

iWalk Link 3000L might not be the cheapest option on the market, nor the most expensive, but it’s a very good option that provides a good level of backup power for your iPhone (3000 mAh), and it’s flexibility in use across Lightning based devices is a big plus.

Price & availability

iWalk Link 3000L is available from amongst other Amazon UK


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