iTunes in the cloud turns grey for the UK: delayed until 2012

All Apple customers in the UK that has gotten excited about the iTunes in the Cloud offer that was presented to the world at WWDC 2011 is likely to be disappointed at the news that we will likely have to wait until 2012 before we can start using the service.

iTunes in the cloud

As expected the delay is reported to be down to negotiations on royalty payments to artists and labels, which apparently is still at a very early stage. According to a spokesman from PRS (Performing Rights Society) their licensing team has just started to negotiate with Apple so we should not expect an agreement to be reached in the near future, comparing it to when iTunes first launched and how it took a while for it to rolled out globally.

Digital music analyst at Forrester, Mark Mulligan, goes on to say that these type of negotiations take time and that we are likely to see the UK arms of the record labels bide their time and see what the impact might be in the US before they sign up to any deal with Apple.

So it looks like we will just have to put the idea of using iTunes in the cloud on the backburner for now and see what happens in the future. It does not look like the laws of simplicity applies when the music industry is involved, so we will just have to copy the music across devices the old fashioned way for now.

iTunes in the cloud is the service that enables you to re-download any music you have purchased on iTunes across up to 10 devices, and to automatically share any new purchases across all your devices.

Parts of the service that does not cover music has already been enabled, allowing you to access previously purchased apps and download them across all your devices.

[source: Macworld]


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