3 billion and counting – iTunes App Store milestone

The iTunes App Store is going from strenght to strenght, lifted by strong Christmas sales of the iPod Touch and the iPhone, the app store has now passed 3 billion applications downloaded in less than 18 months since its official launch, and a billion downloads in the last 100 days.

There is not a company in the world that would not like to sell 10 million products a day, which is roughly what Apple has been doing through the iTunes App Store in the  last 100 day. The download statistics are apparently based on initial downloads and does not include upgrades, meaning that the actual amount of downloads are much higher, but does not necessarily result in additional revenue for Apple and the developers.

It is also worth noting that over the last 1 billion downloads the number of downloads per day has more than doubled compared to the average of 4.7 million per day over the first 2 billion downloads.

According to Apple themselves the iPhone and iPod Touch apps are now available in 77 countries and counting.

What would be interesting to learn more about though is the penetration of the in-app purchases that were made available not that long ago. How much revenue is it driving for both Apple and the developers behind the apps that offer in-app payment?  We are keen to hear from anyone that has made any experiences in this.


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