iTunes DJ + Remote app = you need to download iTunes 8.1

The new version of iTunes 8.1 is now available to download and it comes with some good improvements, including the new iTunes DJ features that combined with the remote application for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows a variety of interaction for people joining your party.

The new iTunes 8.1 is one of the better updates lately as it brings upgrades to the speed, allowing you to load large libraries faster, faster browsing in the iTunes Store, and faster syncing with your iPod. It also brings the convenience of autofill with any iPod, and it now imports all music from a CD at a higher 256 Kbps iTunes Plus quality. There are also improvements to the Genius feature, giving you improved recommendations.

But the most interesting feature of the new iTunes 8.1 is the addition of the iTunes DJ. This new feature randomly picks some of the most popular songs in your iTunes library, creating a playlist for your party, but that is just where the fun starts – with the addition of the enhanced remote application, guest at your party can review your playlist and vote songs up and down the playlist, or even suggest additional songs. This is a great way to take the music at your party to that next level.

New iTunes DJ functionality in iTunes 8.1

I have just tested this on my own laptop and pairing it with the remote application on my iPod Touch, and it works perfectly! I am able to request songs from my own library, vote for other songs in the iTunes DJ playlist, as well as request which song to play next. Can’t wait to test this properly at the next party!


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2 Responses to "iTunes DJ + Remote app = you need to download iTunes 8.1"

  1. Daniel says:

    The artists featured in the image on this posts is Irish singer Laura Izibor that is currently touring with John Legend. Saw her performance in Manchester this Friday and was well impressed – highly recommend everyone to check out her music.

  2. James says:

    Hey everyone

    My resident DJ has this application and we used it at my pent house party, it was amazing and the music was to everyone’s taste as they were requesting it from their i-pods and voting on the play list.

    Truly a fantastic job!

    100% satisfaction

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