Apple releases iTunes 10.0.1 with Ping updates and bug fixes

Apple released iTunes 10.0.1 on Friday this week which is an update to fix some reported bugs in iTunes 10 and to upgrade Ping social music network.

The biggest update for the upgrade to iTunes is the addition of a Ping sidebar, replacing the previous Genius sidebar in iTunes, giving you easier access to the social music network that in was introduced in iTunes 10 but was not given a strong position in the normal iTunes interface.

iTunes 10.0.1 Ping upgrade

Ping sidebar which is available through choosing View -> Show Ping Sidebar (alternative Command+Shift+G) will provide you with an easy viewable information with all your latest activity, and activity from friends and musicians that you follow.

One of the other features of the Ping social music network sidebar is that when you select a song in iTunes, additional information about the song and the artist will appear in the Ping sidebar. In addition you will notice that a Ping button appears next to the song you have highlighted, allowing you to ‘like’ or access more Ping information without having to go through the iTunes Store, a feature we sure will be very welcomed by all users and further enhance the social aspect of Ping. However you still can’t post songs or artist that are not in the iTunes Store.

For those that find Ping annoying you can also easily hide the Ping sidebar in iTunes 10.0.1 by going to View -> Hide Ping Sidebar. To remove the little Ping button next to songs you will have to be a bit more creative though. Macworld has kindly posted a trick you can use by running the following command in terminal:

defaults write com.apple.itunes hide-ping-dropdown -bool YES

Run this command in terminal and then reopen iTunes 10.0.1 and the buttons should be gone.

Some of the other bug fixes that comes with iTunes 10.0.1 are:

  • Fixing a bug that impacted picture quality in videos depending on whether the on-screen control buttons are visible
  • Issue where iTunes might shut down while viewing album artwork in separate window
  • Issue where iTunes library and playlists appear empty
  • Fix for incompatibility with third party shared playlists
  • Problems affecting performance of third party visualizers


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