It’s official: Apple event takes place 9th September, but what will be presented?

This week it was made official that Apple is holding one of their annual events on the 9th September, a time that we who follow Apple have grown accustomed to associating with the launch of the next iPhone, or in the case of latter years, iPhones. As usual the messaging on the invites themselves are cryptic, but what can we expect? Besides the new iPhone(s)…

Apple 2014 September event

As mentioned, and circulating the rumour mill for a while already, we are expecting Apple to announce at least two new versions of the iPhone 6; a 4.7-inch model and a larger 5.5-inch model. There’s also a possibility that one or both of the models will become available in an exclusive sapphire screen version as well, likely at a premium price.

What else do we know for sure? iOS 8 will be released to the wider public along with the much talked about new ‘Health app’ from Apple, and a rumoured mobile payment platform, as well as a myriad of other iOS improvements.

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Now for the more speculative part and the cryptic “wish we could say more” message on the otherwise grey invite. From earlier events we know that there are often clues in the invites as to what we can expect, but often the interpretations ahead of the event is more wild fetched than the announcements themselves. However, if we see it in light of earlier statements from back in May, such as SVP Eddy Cue stating that what is coming this fall will be the “best product pipeline he has seen in 25 years”, we can start getting an idea that this will not be only about the iPhone and iOS 8.

Wearables is a much rumoured category for the next big Apple product, so we could be talking iWatch finally arriving on the scene, given how Google/Android was presenting wearable tech at their latest annual event.

It’s also worth noting that the event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California, the place where Apple 30 years ago presented the Macintosh computer. It could be another sign that they are paying homage to their heritage and celebrating the launch of a brand new product pipeline. Just saying.

While not invited to the event, we will be back with reports and breakdown of all the news following the event.

Sources: Fortune & Mashable

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