its a bird… no a plane… its the worlds largest iPod dock!

This ipod dock might easily be mistaken for a bouncy castle or a gigantic beach toy, but it is indeed an ipod docking station. The iBig Box is inflatable and comes with two speakers, an ipod dock, and fabric controls similar to those you find on ipod jackets.

iBig Box

Unless you have an insane lung capacity we recommend that you use a pump to fill it up. Alternative you can turn it into a blimp by filling it with helium, just remember to tie it down so it doesn’t float away with your ipod!

We are sure this will be a big hit with the younger generation for birthday parties, or even with the college crowd for spring break! (Source: NewLaunches.com)

If you are looking for a more down to earth ipod dock, then you might want to check our ipod speaker system review.


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