Issues following iOS 4.3 upgrade: What and which device overview

Since Apple released the latest firmware upgrade iOS 4.3 last week, reports have started to come in about different issues following upgrading, mostly issues related to upgrades on iPhone 3GS and compatible iPod Touch models.

We have been searching through all the feedback on many sites and forums about this to try and collect issues by device in an overview that makes it easily searchable for you. If you are experiencing any other issues than those listed below, please leave a comment to the post and we will get them checked out and added.

iOS 4.3 iPod Touch issues

These are the main reported issues for the iPod Touch following upgrade to iOS 4.3.

Graphics issues following iOS 4.3 upgrade

There is a growing list of iPod Touch 4 owners complaints on Apple message boards about graphic issues following upgrade to iOS 4.3. Most of the issues seems to deal with lock screen notifications being glitchy, as well as overlapping icons and interference.

Both restoring and factory resets does not seem to solve the issue.

Slow performance following upgrade

Some iPod Touch owners are also reporting the device booting and opening apps slower than before they upgraded to iOS 4.3.

iOS 4.3 iPhone issues

These are the commonly reported issues for the iPhone following upgrade to iOS 4.3

Slowness and sluggish performance

According to the Apple Discussion post on this topic it looks to have primarily impacted iPhone 3GS owners, but there are also iPhone 4 owners that are reporting sluggish performance in terms of opening apps, and also sometimes when it comes to animation flow.

Personally i have also experienced some apps not running as smoothly as normal (including Twitter), but that again could be down to the app itself and not the iOS 4.3 ugprade.

Notifications draining battery faster

There are also plenty of reports of battery draining faster from what looks like notification system, so might be worth going through all notifications and switching off those that are not necessary.

SMS ringtone issues

Perhaps not a direct issue in itself, but Apple has shortened many of the pre-installed text tones as customers were complaining before that they were too long, while now they appear to be too short.

Video playback issues

It looks like the iOS 4.3 upgrade has had an impact on non-iTunes movie files that has multi-channel sound, causing sound to disappear or even movie not to play normally.

Layar browser app

If you have the Layar app for augmented reality installed you are likely to find it not working correctly, and that some images and icons are displayed incorrectly.

The Layar app uses the iPhone’s camera, accelerometer, and GPS to identify users location and view, and then overlays with information that might include information about buildings or location of cashpoints etc. Layar claims that the issue has come as a result of Apple changing the API, causing the the Layar client to fail.

Other iOS issues

If you are experiencing any other issues following iOS 4.3 upgrade please let us know by leaving a comment below and we will add it to the list, as well as do our best to help provide answers.


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4 Responses to "Issues following iOS 4.3 upgrade: What and which device overview"

  1. geoff says:

    3Gs will no longer receive any push notifications since update regardless of settings

  2. Dresh says:

    I’m having audio issues. The speakers have completely shut off. Including function sounds! this is a major issue!, since my phone is effectively a silent device, though the ear speaker and mini plug DO WORK. Have attempted to reboot and sync multiple times, but no luck. When is the next update?

  3. Dresh says:

    I’m referring to 4.3.1! The brand new one.

  4. Aaron says:

    4.3.3 is sloooooow on an iPhone 3GS. Also, mine has developed this odd anomaly—if you totally exhaust the battery and then plug it in, it will continuously restart (boot logo will disappear, phone will vibrate and then restart). One you unplug it, it will boot fine.

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