iSlate likely name of the Apple Tablet with Apple securing the domain name

Update! Apple offically launched their tablet solution, and the name is Apple iPad.

I know many of us are fed up already with all the rumors around the Apple Tablet solution, that according to the latest rumors is expected for a January 2010 release carrying the product title iSlate following news that Apple is the owner of the domain name iSlate.com. I would not hold my breath that Apple will launch it that early in the new year though.

It is MacRumours that over Christmas sniffed out that the domain name iSlate.com has been registered with Apple since 2007, using the domain handler MarkMonitor.com to possibly hide from the general public what could be a new product name. This is however very inconclusive data, as it is not necessarily linked to the still to be confirmed Apple Tablet, and could potentially be one of many names considered for the mysterious product.

Our friends over at TechCrunch has found out that the name iSlate was trademarked by a company called Slate Computing based in Delaware in 2006. Interesting fact is that a quick search online does not bring up any search results for Slate Computing, leading to speculations that Apple has done the same as they did with the iPhone, using a dummy corporation to hide the true owner of the trademark. Interestingly the dummy corporation used for the iPhone trademark was also based in Delaware. The signatory of the iSlate trademark is also revealed as Regina Porter, who on LinkedIn has the title of Senior Trademark Specialist at Apple. Got to love some conspiracy theories around Christmas time!

It is also worth noting that the name Apple Slate/iSlate has appeared before as Bill Keller of the New York Times “misspoke” on the topic in an article a while back.

Whether Apple iSlate will be the official name of the still rumored Apple Tablet, we will just have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, the coverage a not yet confirmed product is receiving online is impressive and should be used as text book examples of creating buzz around a potential new product online.

The expectations have been set by us – the online community, and now we just have to wait and see if Apple will be able to deliver above and beyond our expectations.


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